Riding Toward the Future

Riding Toward the Future
Paramita first received her bicycle on November 2015.

Paramita’s friends whizzed past her on their bicycles as she trekked the long four-mile journey to school. She longed to have a bike of her own so she could arrive to school on time, but every weekday morning, Paramita had to walk.

She was often exposed to the harsher elements of weather. When it rained, her school books would get drenched. When the sun’s heat was intense, she would arrive to school and return home exhausted. Many of these issues rendered her unable to focus completely on schoolwork. Knowing her family’s financial state, Paramita thought it best not to ask her parents for a bicycle.

Determined to Succeed

In 2015, Paramita began the school year in the eighth grade, but due to travel difficulties and inconsistent attendance, she was demoted to seventh grade. In spite of the odds that were stacked against her, Paramita continued her pursuit of education.

Although she has parents who supported her educational endeavors, the financial state of Paramita’s family prevented her from being able to afford the things she needed to succeed. If she had a bicycle, like her friends, then she wouldn’t need to worry about the amount of time it took to get to and from school, and she could beat the heat.

New Hope for a Brighter Future

In November 2015, a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Christmas gift distribution took place, and many school-going children were given bicycles. Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Balaraj took notice of Paramita’s situation and gave her a bike.

Paramita said: “All my friends go to school by bicycle, and I wanted to have a bicycle like my friends. But I knew the difficulties that my parents have financially, and so I dared not ask them. But sometimes when I am alone, I used to feel discouraged and cry for my life. Now, my life is changed after getting the bicycle, because every day I go to school regularly, and I am not late, neither do I get tired. I am very happy.”

Receiving a bicycle made a huge impact on Paramita’s life. She could catch up and improve on her studies, which led to being promoted a grade level. She also started to travel to Pastor Balaraj’s church on Sunday mornings. Through the blessing of a bicycle, Paramita experienced the love and provision of her Heavenly Father and now delights to walk with Him.

See other bicycles in action!

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  1. James

    To God be the Glory… Another victory story for Jesus.. It was good to hear Paramita earned back the grade level she lost

  2. adalberto

    Praise Yeshua! it is good to know that Paramita is being looked after by her heavenly father who loves her very much! oo rah! semper fi do or die!

  3. Marie

    Yes, I stand and say, Thank You Lord. Help us to be a blessing where we can. IN Jesus Mighty Name. Amen

  4. Kristine

    I agree with James!

  5. Stephen

    For several years I have wanted to give at least one bicycle to GFA. So far it has as not been achieved due to other financial pressures and distractions. Please stand in agreement with me for the money to buy 10 bicycles. At least 1000 pounds Stirling (UK) pounds. I’m willing but only Jesus is able because I’m retired and living on a small government pension. Amen?

  6. Sue

    Amen, brother Stephen. Believing with you for 1000 UK pounds to bless others in Christ’s name. Amen ! God bless you for your caring, generous heart.

  7. Jessica

    Steve: I Believe God Is Telling You To Guard Your Heart, Definitely. And Maybe To Sell Art. Give It A Go, Can’t hurt too much, Can It? But that seek art might have just been my idea. My Cousin Makes Art Like Stick Figures Made Out Of Paper Clips, And Gave Me One Of Her Abstract Paintings On A Small Little Flat Canvas. I Might Do Some Too.

  8. Susan

    Thank you for blessing this child. My prayer for this child to be a witness of God’s work. Amen
    Jeremiah 32:27 “Look, I am Yahweh, the God of all flesh.Is anything too difficult for Me?”

  9. Daphene

    We are so Blessed in the states and we don’t even know it.

  10. Mickey

    God is good – I will continue to pray for provision but am not able to contribute personally. Keep the good work.

  11. Colleen

    I would like to donate a bike sometime soon to a person who is in need! Could not before March! Thank you, Colleen.

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