Broadcasting Beyond Borders

God works in mysterious ways to express His love to His children and to save them from bondage. One way is through GFA-supported radio stations. Yushan, 25, lived in bondage, but then he heard a radio broadcast.

A New Question

Day after day, Yushan worked in the jungle to barely make ends meet by cultivating various crops, such as vegetables. His life was seemingly mundane during that time. He worked from early morning to late at night. He made local wine at home and drank it while he labored in the fields. Every day was the same. Yushan would go through the motions of his life, but he had a deep craving for meaning. Having grown up in a nominal Christian family, Yushan was aware of the Good News, but he was most likely never exposed to deeper theological teaching that relayed a relationship with Jesus as a possibility. So Yushan believed various habits, such as his drinking even while working, were ok.

The place where Yushan worked and lived was in a remote area of Asia. There was no electricity in his village. No one in his community had a TV that connected them with the outside world. There was only radio. It fed them news and music, and one evening, while Yushan walked home from work carrying a battery-powered radio, it fed him a message about Jesus.

In rural areas, battery powered radios are often the only way people can hear the news.

A Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported program was being aired. It was a sermon taught by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Samik. Yushan, after tuning in, listened as Pastor Samik asked a difficult question: “If you die today, where will you go? Heaven or hell?”

The question stirred Yushan’s heart. The answer that he came to freed him from the spiritual bondage he was entangled in for so long. From that moment on, Yushan was a changed man. The death and resurrection of Jesus had a whole new meaning to him. He responded to the Good News Pastor Samik had shared and began a new relationship with Jesus. Yushan had a new passion to follow after, and he no longer had a desire to drink. Eventually, he called Pastor Samik to tell him how his sermons impacted his life.

GFA Radio

For more than 30 years, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported radio has broadcasted beyond geographical and political barriers. More than 1 million listeners, like Yushan, flood Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported field offices each year with correspondence, requesting prayer or expressing they have believed in Jesus after hearing a broadcast. Workers in each office prayerfully respond to each listener.

Today, GFA Radio broadcasts messages in 113 languages.

Today there are Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported radio programs in more than 113 languages throughout Asia. Thanks to these broadcasts, fellowships are established in villages that have yet to be visited by a missionary. Radio may be the only way some of God’s children will ever hear the Good News and find abundant life in Jesus Christ. Fortunately, many are currently finding new life in Jesus today!

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