Januja’s Everlasting Gift

Januja, a broken and abused young woman met the Prince of Peace at just the right time. He came into her life, made her new and brought a gift of peace and joy into her world. She made a commitment to never let that gift go—a commitment that would be challenged by her own husband.

Poverty and alcoholism cause hardships for many families across the world. The lady in this picture lives in a village where women often go out to beg for their families.

Burdened by Domestic Abuse

Januja was married to Manaal, who worked as a daily wage laborer, and they struggled every day for their basic needs. Manaal was severely addicted to alcohol, and he wasted his earnings to feed his addiction. Because of this, the couple faced many days in desperate poverty.

But poverty and alcoholism weren’t the only hardships in their lives. To add to the family’s problems, Manaal horribly abused Januja. Whenever he was intoxicated, Manaal fought with his wife over meaningless things. Januja endured this harsh treatment, but each day grew more difficult. She lost peace and slowly slipped into a dark depression.

Januja’s mom, Parina, was a strong believer and worried about her daughter. She was aware of the domestic abuse in her daughter’s home and shared her concerns with her pastor, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Pallab.

After they prayed for Januja, Parina led the way to her daughter’s house. Pastor Pallab followed her, ready to offer words of encouragement and hope—hope Parina and Pallab longed for Januja to experience herself.

This is Pastor Pallab and his family. Because of the encouragement and hopeful words he shared with Januja, she found the peace her broken heart longed for.

Discovering the God of Restoration

“Could Jesus really fill my life with peace and joy?” Januja asked in amazement.

Pastor Pallab had explained to her how Jesus was the Prince of Peace who could restore her peace and joy, and Januja felt a contentment she hadn’t before. The very thought that Jesus had the loving power to change her hardened husband and could repair her broken heart brought her hope. With faith and a new courage, Januja attended church to meet with the Prince of Peace, the One who could wash away her pain and fill her emptiness with contentment.

A Changing Heart Halted by Gossip

Januja fell in love with Jesus as she understood His love and the sacrifice He had paid for her. She read God’s Word and began to pray for her husband. Pastor Pallab continued to encourage Januja through prayer, and he also spoke into Manaal’s life.

By God’s power and mercy, Manaal’s life began to change. He started reducing his alcohol consumption, and he began attending church with his wife. But his decisions were not well received by all. The villagers began to make fun of Manaal, saying, “His wife has become a Christian, now he also will become Christian.”

Manaal was furious when he heard the mockery. He stopped going to church and restricted Januja from going too. He decided they would follow their old religion instead. But Januja stood strong in her faith. She continued to read her Bible and pray for her husband’s heart to change. Januja was not alone either. Her church family prayed faithfully for her in her absence.

A few months later, Januja saw the answers to their prayers unfold before her. Manaal allowed her to go to church! With much relief, Januja thanked the Lord for removing the obstacles in her life so she could follow after Him.

Answers to Prayer and Steadfast Faith

Manaal is slowly changing. He still drinks alcohol, but he takes care of Januja and no longer abuses her. Januja is not finished praying for her husband, but she has assurance God will deliver Manaal from his addictions, and that someday, they will once more worship the Prince of Peace together.

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  1. Roger

    Lord, we lift Manaal up to you, asking that you will bring him to yourself.
    Thank you, Jesus.

  2. Elrich

    We bring to Manaal to You ,Jesus our Saviour,,,,,,Break the chains of satan in his life…inYour name Jesus Amen…

  3. R Silva

    Jesus in your mighty name we lift up manaal to you to be touched and let him serve you ! Give the family joy and peace we lift them up!

  4. Stephen

    Jesus, flood Manaal’s heart with the fire of your desire and sanctify him strong and steadfast as a true disciple of you.

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