Widow Is No Longer Alone

Dazi wasn’t expecting company in her one room, thatched-roof home, but she welcomed three compassionate-looking women inside. Mahia, Subi and Pema introduced themselves, kindness gleaming from their eyes. The aged widow observed by the ladies’ form of dress that her guests, clad in white and gray, had come to serve. Dazi soon found out they were GFA-supported Sisters of Compassion. […] Read more »

Girl with Speech Deficiency Lives for Something Bigger

Naina was much like any other young girl in her village, but there was one life-long struggle that set Naina apart: She was speech impaired. Multiple times, the other children at school laughed and made fun of Naina for her speech impediment. Girls would giggle at her when she tried to answer a question in class. Teachers Worry About Naina’s […] Read more »

Happy about Mosquito Net

Mosquito Nets Bring Life to Recipients

Pastor Ojayit walked through the villages that he ministered in, stopping to talk with residents specifically about one thing: if they had been affected by malaria and needed mosquito nets. Through his time serving in this region, Pastor Ojayit had noticed people falling sick with the disease and was saddened by how many people had been affected. So he decided […] Read more »