pastor prays for sad family

Hope Emerges from Sickness, Death

Bahar’s husband was gone. Stricken by cancer, he passed away after fighting it for a year. Bahar and her four children were devastated. Not long after her husband’s passing, Bahar herself fell ill with the very same type of cancer that had claimed her husband’s life. Fear and desperation threatened the ailing widow and her children. Tragedy After Tragedy Bahar […] Read more »

pastor shares love of God

The Weight of the World

When Paden turned 12, his life drastically changed. His father passed away, leaving Paden, his mother and his two younger siblings all alone. The responsibility of caring for the family fell to Paden. His childhood was over. The Man of the House After the passing of his father, Paden shouldered the burden of providing for his family. Leaving school, Paden […] Read more »

Woman learning to read and write

Mother’s Lifelong Dreams of an Education Become Reality

“Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” While GFA-supported Sisters of Compassion don’t teach villagers how to fish, they do teach them something quite necessary to thrive in life: how to read and write. For one mother, this old proverb stands true as the sisters’ lessons are […] Read more »

At Gospel for Asia sponsored VBS, angry teenager experienced the forgiveness of Jesus - then extended that forgivness to her parents.

Angry Teenager Finds Forgiveness at VBS

Naija’s family lived in a small remote village that was Christian in name only. She did not know Jesus personally, nor did her family attend church. “Christian” was just a word without meaning to Naija. Sunday School, VBS and Bible stories—so familiar to most Christian kids—were completely foreign to Naija. Naija grumbled as she worked in the field. All her […] Read more »