God Supernaturally Heals Man’s Throat

pastor shares with villagers
Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors, like this one, visit with villagers, offering hope for everyday life and prayers for healing.

If anyone were to ask Kalapi if God really answers prayer, this grateful man would most likely give a resounding, “Yes!” and then share his story of how God healed his throat.

For some time, Kalapi suffered from a swollen throat. It wasn’t swollen in the sense that he had a sore throat, signifying the onset of a cold or the flu. No, Kalapi’s throat was painfully swollen to the point that it was visibly obvious to those around him.

As the swelling increased, Kalapi visited the doctor. He tried taking medicine the doctor prescribed, but it didn’t decrease the swelling or take away the pain. Kalapi turned to rituals and sacrifices common in his religious practice. Still, Kalapi continued to wrestle with the painful condition of his throat. He became very discouraged when it seemed like nothing would cure him.

One More Option

One day, GFA-supported pastor Pallab and some of the believers he discipled visited Kalapi’s village to help the community understand how much God loves them. Kalapi invited them into his home and listened to the information they shared.

When the believers finished speaking, Kalapi told them about his illness and his efforts to find relief from the debilitating pain. He asked Pastor Pallab to pray for him, hoping maybe the God they spoke of could heal him. Pastor Pallab and his team gladly prayed for Kalapi and promised to continue lifting him up in prayer.

A Glimmer of Hope

It wasn’t long before Pastor Pallab heard from Kalapi.

“I improved and … I slept well without any pain,” Kalapi excitedly told Pastor Pallab the next day over the phone. “Will you please come again to my house and pray for my healing?”

Pastor Pallab and his team began visiting Kalapi regularly, praying with him and encouraging his family from God’s Word. Kalapi’s throat continued to improve as the pain decreased and the swelling receded.

One month later, Kalapi’s neighbors were amazed at the improvement they saw in his throat. Only a slight bulge remained, and Kalapi’s pain was completely gone.

Throughout the healing process, Kalapi and his family continued learning about God through His Word. Kalapi and his wife decided they wanted a personal relationship with the God to whom they prayed, and their family began attending Pastor Pallab’s church regularly.

Now, Kalapi enjoys freedom from the pain in his throat and from most of the swelling. He and his family rest in the peace that comes from knowing that God hears their prayers and heals their infirmities.

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