Goats Chase Hopelessness Away

Goats can be a life-changing gift for many around the world.
Goats like these provide milk and offspring that impoverished families like Shada’s can sell for much-needed income.

Shada and her husband, Renan, returned home from the local hospital with heavy hearts. The last 10 years offered disappointment after disappointment after multiple doctor visits resulted in no solution for Shada’s back and joint pain. Poverty threatened to overwhelm the family as medical bills piled up.

Hard Times for the Family

Shada and Renan had run a small business of making and selling snacks in the local shops, which provided enough income to feed them and their three children. But their business declined, and the family’s finances quickly dried up. Food became scarce.

Then Shada’s back and joint pain appeared. The pain severely weakened her, instilling great worry in her family. They spent a significant amount of money on finding a cure, but the doctors could only treat the symptoms. Every hospital visit had ended with the same unhappy answer of no cure, and Shada and Renan’s hopelessness grew.

Blessing Them with Love

One day, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Santo happened to meet Shada and Renan. He shared about the love of God, but the couple were surprised to hear about a God named Jesus. Who was this God, they wondered.

Once Pastor Santo explained who the Lord is and that He loves them, he asked if he could continue visiting and praying for Shada’s healing. Just a few days later, the pain that had haunted Shada for so long was miraculously gone.

Seeing their financial struggles, Pastor Santo also thought of ways he could bless the family. The answer came soon.

Invited to a Christmas gift distribution, Shada was surprised to find she and her family were to receive two goats! The goats would provide much-needed, nutritious milk, and they could sell any offspring to boost their income.

“That money will be really helpful [to] meet my family’s basic needs,” Shada said.

Through her miraculous healing and the outpouring of love, Shada and her children stepped into new lives, lives filled with God’s love.

“As a family, we thank God and [the church] for all the help they have given us,” Shada said. No longer would they feel hopeless; someone did help them.


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