family in front of a cross

Father Finds Courageous Faith Through His Family

Oburu knew what was coming: condemnation, judgment and rejection from his friends. This is what he had feared most, and now it was his reality. But he no longer felt afraid—he had found new faith, and with it, new courage. Unwelcome Witness In a small village in South Asia lived about 200 families, most of whom were farmers and followed […] Read more »

Gospel literature

How a Booklet Came to Marial’s Rescue

After heavy winds collapsed her roof, Marial had no means to purchase the tin sheets needed to repair it. As a result, her home was a poor source of shelter from the winds and rains. When stormy weather returned, Marial was left exposed to the harsh elements. Despair wound its way into Marial’s heart as she surveyed her situation. The […] Read more »


Piglets Displace Poverty for Family of Nine

Every day, Tabor and his wife, Yamika, labored in the fields, tilling, picking, watering, coaxing the earth into producing enough vegetation to live on. Each day their hands toiled to fill the bellies of their seven children with food. Tabor explored every avenue available to him to increase his income to better provide for his family. But as each attempt […] Read more »

Pastor making a phone call, often praying for, or encouraging others.

Pastor Ministers in Village Where He’s Never Set Foot

GFA pastor Kontar recognized he was spending an increasing number of minutes each day with a phone attached to his ear. But he wasn’t catching up with old friends, chatting about the latest news. God was using these phone calls to bring healing to people who had never heard about Jesus. It all began with a woman named Kessie, who […] Read more »