After Five Stillborn Babies, Woman Hears Daughter’s Cries

Woman with a new born baby
Birte and Toran’s beautiful baby girl rests in her mother’s arms.

The faces of 32-year-old Birte and her husband, Toran, bore fear and worry. News of Birte’s pregnancy should have brought excitement, but the past haunted them. Birte had already given birth to five stillborn babies. Would this pregnancy be any different?

Tenuous Hope

To ensure the birth of a healthy baby, Birte and Toran had visited various doctors for medical treatment, made vows to their traditional deities and spent money the couple needed for their basic survival. But their efforts continually resulted in stillborn children, and they despaired. Neighbors and family members ridiculed and shunned the couple for their lack of children and their “bad luck.”

The weight of their scorn and disappointment pressed on Birte and Toran as they approached this sixth pregnancy with caution and great care. Still, they held a sliver of hope. They desperately wanted a child and were determined to do everything in their power to make sure this child would live to take her first breath outside the womb.

Faith Replaces Fear

When Birte was three months pregnant, she and Toran met a man named Aedan who worshiped at the local Gospel for Asia (GFA) church. He knew of the couple’s fear for the life growing inside Birte. Aedan encouraged Birte and Toran to trust Jesus for the safe delivery of their baby. Birte and Toran welcomed the comforting words of their new friend, who invited them to attend a worship service at his church.

When they visited the church, Birte and Toran were amazed. After months of fear and distress, they recognized the presence of a peace that quieted their anxieties, and they took comfort as the Word of God washed over their hurting souls. After the service, the couple met Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Elgin, who encouraged them to put their hope in Jesus. He prayed for Birte and Toran and shared with them his belief that God would bless them with a healthy child.

Birte and Toran happily received Pastor Elgin’s encouragements and began to regularly attend worship services. Pastor Elgin and his wife frequently visited them to pray for the health of their baby. As the baby grew, so did the couple’s knowledge of Jesus, and Birte and Toran decided to put their trust in Him. The fear that plagued the early part of their pregnancy was overcome with faith, and an eager expectation of their baby’s arrival began to grow.

Miraculous Birth

Birte and Toran faithfully prayed for their child the remainder of the pregnancy and waited with excitement for Birte’s due date. On the day of delivery, they were blessed to hear the cries of their healthy baby girl.

Birte and Toran rejoiced, grateful for this blessing and the prayers of their new church family. They continued to put their trust in Jesus, sharing the story of their daughter’s miraculous birth with others. These events were a powerful testimony to Birte’s and Toran’s parents, who decided to trust in Jesus as well.

Birte and Toran praise God for turning their distress to joy and their mourning to laughter.


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