A Father’s Fears Relieved

GFA worker is sitting and talking to men in the village.
Through meeting a Gospel for Asia (GFA) worker, Sherwynn, like the father and family pictured above, found hope and healing for his daughter, Chantiel.

Sherwynn sat by his 33-year-old daughter’s bedside, muted hospital sounds in the background. It had been several days since Chantiel’s admission, and yet a solution for her immense leg pain and swelling had not been found. There had to be some way his daughter could be healed, Sherwynn thought.

No Answers for Sudden Sickness

Chantiel was a mother of three and often joined her husband as a daily laborer to help provide for their children. One night, after returning home from a long day of work, Chantiel awoke from sleep with pain shooting up and down her left leg. Chantiel’s husband immediately took her to the hospital using what little funds they had. Doctors prescribed some medicine, but the pain only increased and was accompanied by intense swelling. Her family took her to a second hospital for better treatment, but still she found no relief.

Chantiel’s father, Sherwynn, visited her during her stay at the hospital. Seeing his daughter in the hospital bed made his heart sink. The medicine wasn’t working, and the doctors didn’t have any other solutions. Was there anything he could do?

Then Sherwynn remembered something: Maybe there was a place where he could find some help, where sick people went and left healed. The doctors couldn’t help, so Sherwynn took his daughter home and decided to pay one of his neighbors a visit. After listening to Sherwynn’s woes, the villager picked up a phone and dialed the man he knew could help.

Finding Relief, Hope

Soon after, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Sanbourne visited Sherwynn. The elderly father told the pastor of Chantiel’s sudden mysterious illness. As Sherwynn shared his story, he broke down into tears.

“Please pray for my daughter,” he pleaded. “I cannot see her [in] pain.”

An hour of fervent prayer later, Chantiel felt the pain leave her.

“I felt as if someone touched me,” she explained. “There is no pain in my leg anymore.”

Sherwynn and the entire family immediately rejoiced; finally, some good news after weeks of crushing worry. A week later, Pastor Sanbourne received a call from Sherwynn: Chantiel was completely healed. The pain and swelling had vanished, and she could walk and go back to work.

The entire family began attending Pastor Sanbourne’s fellowship and were welcomed with open arms.

“I am so thankful to Pastor Sanbourne and [the believers] for their precious prayers and for helping me to know God,” Chantiel said. “I am truly grateful to merciful God, who gave me complete healing. Due to my sickness, I was unable to go for labor work, but now I am so happy because now I am going for my work and supporting my husband.”

The anxiety and fear Sherwynn had borne during the days Chantiel lay sick were gone, chased away by seeing his daughter healed through the ardent prayers of Pastor Sanbourne and the believers.

“I am indeed thankful to God for healing my daughter completely,” Sherwynn said. “Now we as a family will follow God.”


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