Their Only Child Was Dying

Kaasni cradled her only child, Jashith, in her arms. His disease had gone on long enough. Sometimes his body raged with fever, and when his seizure-like symptoms hit, he wouldn’t eat or drink. At only five years of age, his body could not take much more of this. They Tried Everything to Cure Him For six months Kaasni and her […] Read more »

1,000 Pieces of Hope

On a recent Saturday, a small group of Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries and staff decided to reach out to as many people in their region as they could. Dividing into two groups, the teams took a number of tracts and set out. Resistance and an Angry Dog Throughout the day, the teams encountered many types of reactions to their outreach. […] Read more »

Deliverance in a Tea Estate

It was a normal school morning for Harish’s children as they got ready to attend classes near the tea estate where their father worked. Suddenly, Harish’s son Abhay fell down and started screaming. This terrified the rest of the family. Harish sought the help of doctors, but none of them could tell what was hurting his son. Fear filled young […] Read more »

Medical Care for Neglected Children

As part of Gospel for Asia-supported Bridge of Hope, children receive medical care that is often unavailable in their areas. This has a monumental impact in places where many children die from preventable diseases. One Bridge of Hope center, in partnership with a humanitarian organization, took on the task of fighting one common ailment: blindness. Diet of the Blind In […] Read more »

Church Building Demonstrates God’s Love

Fourteen years after he first began serving the Lord, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Aakash finally has a church building to call home. As soon as Aakash came to know the Lord, he deeply desired for his people to find that same hope. The people in his village were downtrodden laborers who lived in a rural area without many modern comforts. […] Read more »