Joyful Hearts, Changed Lives

Girl with CowThey are poor, uneducated, malnourished and ignored by their society, but today, these believers gathered in joyful expectation. Several pastors selected them to receive gifts from Gospel for Asia’s Christmas gift distribution program because they were some of the most severely impoverished people in the region.

Gifts that Changed Their World

Altogether, 51 families were blessed with livestock, rickshaws and sewing machines. As the Christians received the gifts, they were overcome with gratefulness. A few communicated what their gifts meant to them:

“I came from a poor family,” said Rani. “My family and I work as daily labourers. I feel that this gift is God’s grace upon us. I received a sewing machine. I know a little bit of stitching, and I believe that I can earn some money through stitching.”

Manik shared, “I thank God for the gift I received, a cow. I have two children. Previously, I was not able to provide proper food for my children since my income was very small. Now, I believe that this gift will be a great help for my family.”

“Most of the time, my children wore torn clothes,” Haradhan said, “but I did not have a sewing machine to repair them, and I do not have the money to buy new clothes. By the grace of God, I have received a machine. I hope I can mend my clothing and even stitch clothes for others who face the same problem I did.”

Hope for the Future

Ever since Somat and his family chose to follow Christ, they faced a lot of opposition and rejection from the villagers. Even his relatives do not allow him to draw water from their pond. Nobody wants to give him work. But now, he doesn’t have to depend on others to offer him jobs because the pastors chose him to be the recipient of a rickshaw van, allowing him to easily cart goods around to sell.

“I am thankful to God for providing me a rickshaw van to meet my needs,” Somat said.

He longs for his relatives and the others who are opposing him to know Jesus as their Savior very soon. Meanwhile, the gift of a rickshaw will allow him to earn a living—and testify of the God who blessed him.

See how you can meet the needs of poor individuals like Somat, Hardhan, Manik and Rani.


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