“What Difference Can I Make?”

GoatWith four children to provide for, Aamani knew her husband worked long hours in the fields just to feed their family. The walls of their small mud house were falling apart, and the roof leaked during the rainy season. Aamani and her husband couldn’t afford to send their children to school, so they spent their days wandering around aimlessly.

But Something Changed

Aamani and her family started following Jesus several years ago. Although they grew in the Lord and became respected in the village for their good character, they still struggled financially until the church saw the family’s great need. During a Gospel for Asia Christmas gift distribution program, the church blessed Aamani’s family with a goat.

Overcome with joy and gratitude for this gift, Aamani began to diligently care for their goat, treating her like a member of their family. With the nutrients from the goat’s milk, the children started to thrive, growing strong and healthy. And since Aamani was able to sell the extra milk, the family now had enough funds for the children to start attending school.

The Gift that Keeps Giving

After some time, the goat had a kid, but unfortunately, it died after just a few months. Aamani promised God that if their goat had another kid, she would give it to Him. A year later when another kid was born, Aamani presented it to the church, and it was eventually given to another family in need.

Aamani hopes that their goat will continue to bear more kids so she can sell them and help meet her family’s financial needs.

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