What Could a Piglet Do for Your Family?

PigletAt just 18 years of age, Vaneet has taken on a lot of responsibility. Her father died when she was eight, and now, living with her elderly mother, she works hard as a laborer in a tea garden to provide for their needs. Her mother worships the gods and goddesses of her religion faithfully.

A Gospel for Asia church is just a short distance away from Vaneet and her mother’s small hut, but Vaneet never visited because her mother wouldn’t allow her. That all changed, however, when they received a unique little gift: a piglet.

A Gift Opens Her Heart

Even though Vaneet never went to this church, Pastor Dhiraj saw the family’s need and decided to show them the love of Christ. Dhiraj invited Vaneet to a Christmas gift distribution program where he gave her a piglet. He also welcomed her to come to the church any time for prayer.

Vaneet was encouraged by this and got involved in prayer meetings and activities within the church. She embraced the love of Christ and prayed along with the other believers that her mother would do the same. God heard and answered her prayers, and now both mother and daughter are standing strong in the Lord together.

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