The Difference One Bike Can Make

Walking for five hours is not most people’s idea of fun. Add rutted dirt roads crowded with animals, bicycles, carts and honking vehicles, and the walk becomes even more challenging. Gospel for Asia pastor Purnendu Dawadi knows this well. Eight years ago, Purnendu attended a conference where he first heard about Christ. His life radically changed after that. For the […] Read more »

15 Years of Pain

36-year-old Rashi had suffered continuous pain in her body for more than a decade. None of the medicine she took healed her as, day after day, each part of her body caused her unbearable discomfort. Then one day, Rashi met Gospel for Asia pastor Lakshan while he was doing ministry in her village. Pastor Lakshan shared the love of Christ […] Read more »

‘Until I die I will follow Jesus’

For the past 30 years, a brutal civil war has ravaged the island of Sri Lanka, and soldiers aren’t the only ones who have struggled to survive through the many years of fighting. Countless women have been left without husbands, sons and brothers because of the war. 65-year-old Ishya’s husband and three of her sons were all killed in a […] Read more »

A church building

Staying in One Place: An Interview with Pastor Benjamin

Tannishtha Lad’s family had been suffering attacks from a demon for months when Tannishtha passed through a nearby village and asked one of the locals about a strange “house” in the distance. “That individual told me that it is a church building,” Tannishtha says, “and [in] there Christians worship God, and they pray for sick and demon-possessed people to release […] Read more »

Cyclone Phailin Kills 17, Affects 9 Million

After 13 hours of terror, Cyclone Phailin, the strongest storm to hit India in 14 years, was downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane, leaving in its wake 17 dead and 9 million people affected. “One of our believers died today,” Gospel for Asia pastor S.E. Quamar said, explaining how the 30-year-old widow had been trying to save her household items […] Read more »

Dream of Education Dies with Father

For years, Chaaya endured the embarrassment of asking for directions in small towns or for the names of stores when she wanted to go shopping. The shame Chaaya felt did not come because she was lost or confused, though. It was because, even as an adult, she was not able to read. Chaaya’s father had died early, so Chaaya took […] Read more »

‘Clean Hands Save Lives’

Contagious diseases and sicknesses have been known to regularly spread throughout South Asia, largely because hand washing is not commonly practiced among the people. Even where people are highly educated and schools are strict with their curriculum, hygienic habits are not taught with the same importance. Seeing the need for hygiene education in their communities, Gospel for Asia missionaries and […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope student

Practice in Prayer

Ever since he joined Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope, Hakesh has grown academically and spiritually. His family didn’t have much, but the staff helped Hakesh with his studies and invited him to worship the Lord at Sunday school. They even taught him to how to pray to Jesus. Little did Hakesh know, but that last lesson would soon become […] Read more »