Thoughtful woman

‘What Do You Mean By “Servant of God?'”

As an elderly woman, Nachni had been left by her grown sons after their marriages. Her husband, Raahi, was constantly sick, leaving her to be the breadwinner of the family. And her debt was growing with no end in sight. Still, if someone indicated that her gods were less than able to provide for her, she would fervently defend her […] Read more »

‘Love Gives Care’

Huddled in the cold at an old bus station, Paavai heard someone approaching and prepared to be chased away. She didn’t have anywhere else to go, but she knew the rule of the area: Beggars, like her, weren’t allowed to stay in the streets—even if chasing them away only meant moving them somewhere else. To her surprise, however, Paavai looked […] Read more »

Street children

Serving the Children She Despised

Despite Panna’s devotion to a pious life, her attitude toward others was easily summed up: If you are good to me, I will be good to you. If you are bad to me, I’ll still be good—unless you keep it up. Then, watch out. With her vengeful spirit and coarse language, Panna was one of the last people a children’s […] Read more »

Aimless Wandering Brings Widow to Missionary

After Dyumna’s husband passed away, she lost the ability to think clearly. She distanced herself from her three sons and their wives by wandering from village to village. Month after month, she roamed with no purpose. One day, after a year of this behavior, Dyumna wandered into a village far from her own. There she met Gospel for Asia missionary […] Read more »

Family with an outdoor toilet

Their Impossible Dream: A Toilet

Once again, the government commercial played on the radio, asking the impossible. The listeners had heard all about the importance of toilets, and they knew how one would help their village. But they were poor laborers, and buying one was out of the question. The villagers didn’t even have enough money to bribe an official into helping them get one. […] Read more »

AIDS Awareness Efforts

Gospel for Asia staff members made every effort to reach out to and educate their communities on World AIDS Day on December 1. Bible college students, ladies from Women’s Fellowships and even Bridge of Hope children and their families gathered together to raise awareness about the disease. Their efforts included rallies, conversations about disease prevention, personal counseling and distribution of […] Read more »

BioSand water filter

The Hunt for a Forbidden Missionary

In Chanakya’s part of the country, villagers have a nearly endless need for water filters. Iron levels in the local water are so high, Gospel for Asia missionaries give away 150 filters every month. But for Chanakya, getting a BioSand water filter wasn’t an option. The people of Chanakya’s village are very strong in their traditional religion, and when it […] Read more »

Out of the ‘Deepest Pit of Discouragements’

The 12 families came from six villages, and no one could say whose situation was most pathetic. Chaitali and her husband worked as farmers to support six children, four of them studying in school. Qudamah loaded coal onto his bike each day and sold it at the market, but he constantly worried that his family wouldn’t be able to survive […] Read more »