Father calls a GFA Radio program to get prayer for his son who has leukemia.

Firsthand Account of Son’s Miraculous Healing From Cancer

“Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! “I am Jagesh, 35 years old. I have a wife and one son named Taizeen, 4. … In the month of December 2012, Taizeen was affected with a sickness and was bedridden. Since we believed in the healing power of the gods and goddesses, we first […] Read more »

new Bridge of Hope center

Children of Forgotten Slum Now Have Hope

In a village where the only lifestyle children knew of was laboring for their daily needs, the children never thought of going to school. Two thousand families live here on barren land owned by the government and struggle to make ends meet, while alcoholism consumes the people. “Nobody cares about the children of this village,” said a local field correspondent. […] Read more »

The First Seed of Good News

The drill bore deeper and deeper into the earth, looking to strike pure, fresh water—water Gospel for Asia pastor Samuel’s village needed desperately. All the water sources were far away, and every one of them was contaminated, leaving the children who drank from them with stomach pains and other illnesses. But the villagers didn’t want any Christian help, even if […] Read more »

Not a Rupee More to Pay for His Healing

Water poured off the edge of the verandah while four Gospel for Asia women missionaries, Lajja, Nakini, Supushpa and Kanta, sought shelter underneath its roof. They had just traveled to the village to share the Word of God with the residents when it began to rain. Moments later, Prabhavati came outside holding her child and greeted the women, asking who […] Read more »

woman reading

Searching for the God She Read About

Uditi had dreams of an education and a solid income, but she couldn’t get either in her village. The small mountain community was one of the most remote in the region. It had no schools and no roads that might have led to one. Like most people, Uditi’s parents worked as farmers, but they didn’t earn enough to meet Uditi’s […] Read more »

Tears of Concern

As a widowed mother caring for her five children, Mukta did as much as she could to make sure they had everything they needed. But when her 6-year-old daughter, Roshni, became paralyzed, Mukta was at a loss for direction. Mukta took Roshni to a witch doctor, who performed many rituals and tried everything he could to heal Roshni, while at […] Read more »