Watering From the Inside Out

  The crops in the fields were hardly surviving, and the faint cry of suffering livestock and children could be heard throughout the village. A trickle of water flowed down from a nearby mountain. The villagers had dug into the stream’s bank, scrounging for cupfuls of water in order to survive. The summer months slipped slowly by as more livestock […] Read more »


Eyes Open to the Lord

Daha couldn’t work. Blind since birth, he was used to certain restrictions, but he tried to make the most of his life. He had taught himself how to play multiple instruments and how to sing, and through his talent, he earned enough to provide the basic needs for his family. But a strong sense of misery still hung over him. […] Read more »

Four Toilets Help 29 Families

You can provide an Outdoor Toilet for a family for only $160. The convenience of a personal toilet is often taken for granted by millions around the world, while 20 percent of the world’s population must use unsanitary open spaces to relieve themselves. In one village, the reality of having to walk at least a half-mile to an open field […] Read more »

Pastor Keertan prayed for their wellbeing and, through Gospel for Asia’s Christmas gift distribution, gave them a blanket.

A Blanket to Warm Their Hearts

Winter raged outside the small home, knocking at every side and plowing through any cracks it could find. It didn’t have to look hard. A cold dread had already descended on the inhabitants of this meager dwelling, filling their hearts with apprehension and uncertainty. Inside, a 9-year-old boy lay quietly while his mother, Arushi, looked on. Her little Aayushmaan had […] Read more »