Prayer Overcomes Tears

Cancer. The diagnosis explained the pain and bleeding Navina had endured in her uterus the last several months. Hospital visits and medications brought no relief. Navina tried natural medicines for months, but there was still no improvement. Her husband, Bandhu, was getting desperate for her to be healed. He beckoned for witch doctors, and they tried their medicines. It only […] Read more »

Blessings in the Night

Fog lay across the streets, and temperatures were quickly dropping. Motorists were advised to avoid driving, especially during the night. Some people didn’t have a place to stay or a way to keep warm; they had no choice but to endure the extreme weather alone. With temperatures at 23 degrees Fahrenheit, work came to an end for many laborers, and […] Read more »

confidence in new faith

Unwavering Faith

Paavan grew up the son of a prominent religious leader. He knew very well the conditions of following his father’s lifestyle and knew what his parents had taught him. When Gospel for Asia pastor Akash and other believers entered into Paavan’s village, they greeted those who would listen and shared the Good News of Jesus. Pastor Akash met Paavan, a […] Read more »

Pastor Chandan felt burdened to help Lalitchandra. Because someone gave a gift through GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog, Pastor Chandan could give Lalitchandra a pair of ewe lambs for Christmas.

Lambs Lift His Burdens

Lalitchandra knew he needed to get up. He had to provide for his family somehow, they needed his help to get out of their poverty. But as he contemplated going to search for work, his hand started aching unbearably. He couldn’t even drag himself out of bed. Almost overnight, Lalitchandra went from being the family’s provider to the family’s burden. […] Read more »