Woman watching film team

Film Team Helps Share the Light

“Don’t come! Don’t come, Christ!” screamed the 25-year-old woman as the film she was watching showed the beginnings of Jesus’ ministry on earth. Men and women from the village tried to calm Purnima down, but her behavior only grew more peculiar: She started speaking in a strange language none could understand. Tejas, a Christian from Purnima’s village, stood with the […] Read more »

Cross on a Church Building

My Life as a Church Building

I live in a small village in South Asia. Most of the people who live around me are farmers and keepers of crops. They are very poor, and they usually travel by bicycle or by foot. I cannot travel, but people come to see me all the time. Well, they don’t come to see me exactly. I should explain: I […] Read more »

St. Thomas Cross carved in stone

Everything Changes When You Fall in Love

This post is an excerpt from a Five Minutes with K.P., a devotional column printed in Gospel for Asia’s quarterly magazine, GFA World. In it, K.P. Yohannan shares how, in the early days of his ministry in the U.S., he found his love for Jesus growing cold as he became more distracted by material things; he found himself losing the […] Read more »

Quiet time with Jesus

Jesus Changed Her Heart

Haneet grew up with a notoriously bad temper and often cursed in her rage. When Haneet first met Nanditha, a GFA woman missionary, she mocked her beliefs. “All gods are the same,” Haneet said. “There is nothing different between the gods that the Christians or anyone else are worshiping. The difference is only in the name. They all lead to […] Read more »