The villagers suffered. They had no clean water to scrub their dishes or to quench their thirst. So a GFA pastor began praying for a Jesus Well.

Clean Water, Healing for a Suffering Village

The villagers suffered. They drew water from a murky reservoir—murky water to wash their bodies, murky water to scrub their dishes, murky water to quench their thirst, and no one knew Christ. Jabbar, 50, and his wife, Sachi, 45, suffered like the rest of the villagers, but Sachi even more so. Severe pain shot through her stomach. It hurt so […] Read more »

Rohak asked his son to start reading the Bible out loud for him.

Reading to His Father

“Now the birth of Jesus Christ was as follows,” the boy read, his voice filling the small house. “After His mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Spirit.” His father listened intently, absorbing every word. Something to Think About Pandita’s father, Rohak, called himself a Christian, but he never […] Read more »

Brother and Sister in Bridge of Hope

A Chance Encounter Changed Their Lives

Not many 6-year-olds know how to take care of a baby, but that’s just what Jeeval had to learn. After his father died, his mother, Laksha, had nowhere to turn for help. She looked for work and performed menial tasks to earn some income, but whenever Laksha found labor for the day, she had to leave her 11-month-old daughter in […] Read more »

woman praying and fasting

She Prayed for Two Years

Ridhima hadn’t eaten for three days. Her stomach protested. Her body felt weak. One more time, she clasped her hands, closed her eyes and lifted up a prayer to the Lord Jesus. But she didn’t pray for food—she prayed for Jesus to touch the heart of one of the women in the village. She asked Him to save Manjyot. Ridhima […] Read more »

2015 Issue 1: The Cost of Sharing Christ

Features: The Cost of Sharing Christ A Place to Call Home Searching for Jesus Through the Radio From Funeral Wood to a Pencil   Departments: Conversations News from the Mission Fields Ministry Focus Profile Guest Writer Prayer Focus Resources Five Minutes With K.P. Read more »