He Is a New Creation

With the flick of a switch, the screen came to life in front of the people. One unexpected participant sat among the crowd, his eyes fixed on the true story playing out before him. The man’s name was Ekbal. One Man’s Accusations Since the beginning of Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Jaival’s ministry, Ekbal had made it his personal business to […] Read more »

Unexpected Gifts Come . . . Squawking

When Anhithi, Yuktha, Aadita and Risha visited the homes of widows in the area where they were ministering as Sisters of Compassion, they had opportunities to help the widows with chores and comfort them with words of Scripture. But the four Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries wanted to help the women in another practical way: by providing them with a source […] Read more »

Congregation gathers inside church building

A Place a Church Can Call Home

A crowd assembled around the little house. Someone stepped forward to lock the door from the outside. With rocks in hand and the exit securely fastened, villagers hurled their stones against the outer walls, yelling threats at the believers trapped inside. Fellowship Begins Through Healing It was a drastic measure, but the villagers living in the place where Gospel for […] Read more »

A 65-year-old lady joyfully receives a winter blanket.

Earthquake Victims Receive Warm Blankets in Time for Winter

Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Utpal serves in a village in Nepal that was devastated by the earthquakes in April and May of 2015. Many homes were reduced to rubble, with precious belongings buried underneath the debris—including people’s winter clothes. Six months after the earthquakes, as winter approached, the people of this village struggled because they didn’t have the proper clothing […] Read more »

Gospel for Asia-supported women missionaries get chances to share Christ's love with hurting women who wouldn't be able to open up to men.

Something Better than Escape

Madina cursed life. She wanted an escape—she wanted to die. The thought of leaving behind her younger brother, Makul, was the only thing that kept her from suicide. Madina, who had never married, and Makul, who had an intellectual handicap, lived with their older brother and his wife. Though it should have been a refuge for them, this home was […] Read more »