Protection from the Cold

This Christmas, many people living in the mountainous regions of Asia will not be protected from cold weather, as they have no winter clothing. But GFA-supported community development  initiatives, like Christmas gift distributions, hope to change the lives of many. The Gift of Warmth Through GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog, people around the world have the opportunity to purchase various gifts […] Read more »

The Persistence of Lovingkindness

Even though Sidak displayed kindness, Manali would not budge. She did not approve of his choices in life or his new God. Manali did everything she could to oppose Sidak and his friends, until one day when she was hospitalized. A Mother’s Prejudice Having been raised in a home that devoutly worshiped different deities, Manali strongly opposed Christianity. She had […] Read more »

Water Moves Two Miles Closer

Maina and her family were affected by water scarcity in their village. Enduring the heat of the day, they walked more than two miles anytime they needed fresh water. Maina began to wonder if she would ever see relief, so she began to pray. Enduring Thirst Maina, her son and her husband lived among 200 other families in a remote […] Read more »

Lwin’s New Source of Hope and Stability

Lwin was filled with grief upon hearing the news that would change his life forever. In that moment, he questioned everything he knew, including why he had lost everything. Would he ever find something to give him hope? Broken Relationships As a child, Lwin lived in a home filled with aggression and sadness. He would sit and watch as his […] Read more »

Pakshi and the Mountain Village

Pakshi set out on an arduous journey with one thing in mind: displaying Christ’s love. Her destination was a remote village in the mountains. The dangers of the wild did not deter her from remaining steadfast, but would the people she’d meet receive her? Dangers of the Wild In 2010, Pakshi, leader of a Women’s Fellowship team, learned about an […] Read more »