Gospel for Asia, World Malaria Day

Mosquitoes Out, God’s Love In

What do steamy jungles, dense forests or bustling cities of Asia have in common? The world’s most annoying and sometimes dangerous insect: the mosquito. Where Prevention Is Essential Mosquitoes can act as vectors (carriers) of diseases. Zika virus, West Nile virus and dengue are among a few transmitted, but the most prevalent is malaria. According to the World Health Organization, […] Read more »

Gospel for Asia, Medical Ministry

Providing Health and Hope in the Tea Gardens

In an industry worth $49.46 billion, workers like Saham only make around $1.50 a day. Saham and many like him endure poverty and hardship, but for them, this work is all they have. Tea Workers’ Plight Saham worked on an tea estate that helps supply the global tea market. In 2019, Asia accounted for 60 percent of all global tea […] Read more »

Gospel for Asia, Clean Water

Blocked from the Water

Imagine you live in a village. You are a farmer, and your life and livelihood revolve around the use of water. You share one water source with all your neighbors. It is the only relatively clean source of water for many miles. Suddenly, you are no longer allowed to collect water from there because you believe in Jesus Christ. What […] Read more »