Ears to Hear: A Father’s Journey to Active Faith

This couple pictured with a chicken like they donated along with funds for the conference.
Huna and his wife (pictured) donated funds to support the family conference that changed their lives.

For Huna and his family, attending church was little more than a ritual. They attended inconsistently for seven years, but they did not allow the words they heard to penetrate beyond their ears and influence their actions.

Huna as much more devoted to gambling; he hungered for quick riches. This addiction caused him to neglect his family and sometimes even forget to eat.

His four children followed his example by living a life contrary to the principles taught at church. Huna’s only son refused to obey to him and chose friends who were a bad influence.

The family spent much of their time looking at phone and television screens. Relationships were strained, and there was no peace in their home.

The disharmony saddened Huna’s wife, but she was reluctant to approach her pastor for help. She feared her family would be disgraced by the admission. She hoped for unity and relief from the discord, but she didn’t know whom she could trust for help.

But one day, Gospel for Asia (GFA) pastor Sambo unexpectedly offered the family the help they needed.

Speaker’s Words Come to Life

Pastor Sambo told the congregation about an upcoming family conference with guest speaker, K.P. Yohannan. Huna’s ears perked up; he had read books and heard teachings from this man. Reminded of their impact on his life, Huna took his family to the event.

During the conference, they learned about the faith of Yohannan’s mother, family prayer and praying for children. Huna never imagined he would have the opportunity to hear in-person teachings from this man he highly respected.

It was just the spark he needed. Huna’s ears were finally opened to the blessings of having a relationship with God and living life according to the Bible.

Family Transformed

The effect was immediate. Huna stopped gambling and decided to follow Jesus. He began to lead his family in prayer and Bible reading each day. The whole family decided to follow Jesus’ example of how to live and started regularly attending worship services, this time with ears truly hearing the Word.

Grateful to God for changing their lives through the conference, the family happily donated a chicken to the community and provided funds to help cover expenses of the conference. They also committed to give of their time to various church activities.

Since receiving the teaching of God’s Word, Huna and his family have enjoyed the peace and harmony previously absent from their home and lives. Please pray they continue to apply the teachings of the Bible as they pray, read and worship together.


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