A New Kind of New Year

  On New Year’s Day in Asia, much like in the United States, many people celebrate by throwing parties, watching fireworks, singing, dancing and enjoying one another’s company. But not all people are able to celebrate the new year. Women who are widows may be rejected and alone, and extra gifts and treats are out of reach for many impoverished […] Read more »

Boy and uncle find God's love

An Uncle’s Life-saving Love

Dhiraj tried to hush his upset wife, concerned her harsh words would reach his nephew’s ears, but she would not be hushed. She urged him to dump their nephew, 8-year-old Mani, at some faraway place so they would not need to care for him anymore. But Mani was weak and frail; missing just one day of his medication affected his […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope children on Global Handwashing Day

Soap and Good Health Go Hand in Hand

Dozens of boys and girls huddled in a group and looked at the water that collected as they rinsed the soap off their little hands. It was filthy! Their attention fully engaged, they watched medical doctors and GFA-supported Bridge of Hope staff demonstrate a life-saving skill: how to wash their hands. It was October 15, Global Handwashing Day. Their Bridge […] Read more »

Prayers heal man from leprosy

Rescued from Leprosy and Hopelessness

Leprosy racked Sundrit’s body for eight years. The medications, ointments and treatments he received at the hospital failed to produce healing, as did the traditional god he worshiped. As the years wore on, the young man’s hands and feet began bearing the telling marks of leprosy. After he lost his fingers and toes, Sundrit still managed to find ways to […] Read more »

A 65-year-old lady joyfully receives a winter blanket.

Earthquake Victims Receive Warm Blankets in Time for Winter

Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Utpal serves in a village in Nepal that was devastated by the earthquakes in April and May of 2015. Many homes were reduced to rubble, with precious belongings buried underneath the debris—including people’s winter clothes. Six months after the earthquakes, as winter approached, the people of this village struggled because they didn’t have the proper clothing […] Read more »

Christ Glorified Through Woman’s Healing from Leprosy

Christ Glorified Through Woman’s Healing from Leprosy

Rabia got married when she was only 12 years old. She and her husband, and—years later—their two children, lived relatively happy lives, following their traditional Asian religion. But when Rabia turned 30, she developed the symptoms of leprosy. Her husband kicked her out of the house because of it. In one fell swoop, the divorcee lost her husband of 18 […] Read more »

Dirty Hands Claim Lives

Around the world, October 15th is recognized as Global Handwashing Day. In recognition of the annual occasion, Gospel for Asia-supported churches, Bridge of Hope centers and Women’s Fellowships are doing their part to bring awareness about disease prevention to the people of South Asia. “In many parts of our society, awareness of hygiene is still poor and lacking,” said one […] Read more »

Drought Devastates Farmers, Some Commit Suicide

Today dry, cracked ground and barren fields cover the landscape of Maharashtra. The farmer’s crops are dying, and with shortages of water supplies, people’s lives waver in the balance. Clouds hover over the fields, bringing gentle drizzles instead of the usual torrential monsoons, which Northeast India is currently experiencing. How to survive stands at the forefront of many minds in […] Read more »

In one city in Myanmar, a landslide destroyed hundreds of homes.

Relief Teams Aid Devastated Communities

Heavy monsoon rains, intensified in some places by Cyclone Komen’s landfall in late July, flooded several regions of India and Myanmar, destroyed thousands of acres of crops, affected millions, left thousands homeless and killed hundreds. In Myanmar alone, more than 100 people perished. As affected regions struggle to rebuild, Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services teams are doing their best to […] Read more »

A woman afflicted by leprosy

Touching the Untouchable

Charumati’s husband lay dead. Her son, Devan, clung to her, too young to fully understand what had happened. A dark pall settled over their future, and Charumati struggled to provide food and shelter for him. Through her years of labor, she didn’t notice the day the bacteria entered her flesh. It wasn’t until her son reached adulthood that Charumati recognized […] Read more »

Slum ministry

Strangers in the Slums

Nabha was born into a family familiar with disappointment. Years ago, they had arrived in the city, hoping to make a decent salary. Instead, they roamed the dirty streets, collecting garbage for meager wages. When Nabha grew up, she married and contracted tuberculosis. Between the births of her two children, Nabha’s husband, Padman, took her to the hospital and bought […] Read more »

Medical ministry

Clear Sight in One Dozen Villages

As a farmer in South Asia, Bakhtawar had spent his life working hard and getting dust in his eyes—so much dust that, over time, it damaged his vision. Unfortunately, the hard work didn’t give him enough money to fix his eyes. Knowing the area was full of people in the same predicament, Gospel for Asia pastors and their churches organized […] Read more »

Woman with leprosy

World Leprosy Day: A Love They Can See

The message was short and should have been common knowledge, but by the end of the speech, people had begun to cry. “Earlier, the lepers were considered as untouchables, but in this generation and time, there is no such discrimination . . .” GFA-supported pastor Vagish had said. “Our Creator, the Lord Jesus, loved all the sick people, including lepers.” […] Read more »

AIDS Awareness Efforts

Gospel for Asia staff members made every effort to reach out to and educate their communities on World AIDS Day on December 1. Bible college students, ladies from Women’s Fellowships and even Bridge of Hope children and their families gathered together to raise awareness about the disease. Their efforts included rallies, conversations about disease prevention, personal counseling and distribution of […] Read more »

Woman with flood relief

Compassion Services Team Serves 200 Families

After traveling 16 hours along treacherous roads, half of Pastor Baha Udeen’s 11-member Compassion Services team arrived June 26 to serve families in one of the areas hit hardest by the flooding in North India. While they waited for the second vehicle, which broke down due to the combination of steep climbs and a heavy load of supplies, team members […] Read more »