Woman with leprosy

World Leprosy Day: A Love They Can See

The message was short and should have been common knowledge, but by the end of the speech, people had begun to cry. “Earlier, the lepers were considered as untouchables, but in this generation and time, there is no such discrimination . . .” GFA-supported pastor Vagish had said. “Our Creator, the Lord Jesus, loved all the sick people, including lepers.” […] Read more »

AIDS Awareness Efforts

Gospel for Asia staff members made every effort to reach out to and educate their communities on World AIDS Day on December 1. Bible college students, ladies from Women’s Fellowships and even Bridge of Hope children and their families gathered together to raise awareness about the disease. Their efforts included rallies, conversations about disease prevention, personal counseling and distribution of […] Read more »

Woman with flood relief

Compassion Services Team Serves 200 Families

After traveling 16 hours along treacherous roads, half of Pastor Baha Udeen’s 11-member Compassion Services team arrived June 26 to serve families in one of the areas hit hardest by the flooding in North India. While they waited for the second vehicle, which broke down due to the combination of steep climbs and a heavy load of supplies, team members […] Read more »


Prayers and Compassion for Leprosy Community

Already viewed as a burden and even a curse in her culture because she is a widow, Aditri also suffers from the physical pain and social dejection of having leprosy. She lives in a center for leprosy patients where Gospel for Asia staff members recently distributed food packets and blankets. Although the center is run by a group of people […] Read more »

Blue the Biosand Water Filter

  BioSand Water Filters Millions of people in South Asia live without access to an adequate, safe and clean water supply. They are among the many that rely on muddy pond water for all their needs. Introduce Biosand water filters! These all-natural filtration devices remove harmful substances and produce clear, clean drinking water. They don’t need electricity so they’re perfect […] Read more »

Leprosy patient

New Plans for the Future

Anyone would have expected complaints from Edha, always working long days and nights so her children would have a better future. But she was the epitome of motherly devotion, and besides that, she had a dream to keep her going. . . . When she collapsed into bed with exhaustion, she thought about her own future, and how, naturally, her […] Read more »

Outside the church

A Joy Beyond Rejection

It isn’t your typical church. The believers are society’s greatest rejects, cast out by their employers, friends and even families—all because of the disease they carry. But as Pastor Jiva looks out on the leprosy patients’ faces, he sees people covered in love and acceptance. When Pastor Jiva first arrived at the leprosy colony, the patients desperately needed help in […] Read more »

Sri Lanka’s Floodwaters and Death Toll Rise

As rain continues to fall over much of Sri Lanka, the country’s death toll from floods and landslides has reached 43 people, and more than 300,000 have been affected by the damage. Adding to the island nation’s problems, which began nearly a month ago, the minister of health announced an outbreak of leptospirosis, or rat fever, a potentially deadly disease […] Read more »

200-Member Rally Promotes AIDS Awareness

World AIDS Day was recognized on December 1 through a rally put on by Gospel for Asia staff, Bible college students and Women’s Fellowship members. Because many people do not know how HIV/AIDS is spread, the workers focused their campaign on education. In addition to leading a march, the team of 200 believers offered personal counseling as well as booklets […] Read more »

Jesus: Their Reason for Rejoicing

Songs of praise and worship to the King filled the air as the Christmas program got underway. God’s presence was in this place. In one of the unlikeliest of spots, joy abounded. Many of the hands that clapped were merely stubs; others were missing fingers, but that didn’t prevent the people’s rejoicing. Christ’s love was enough for this gathering of […] Read more »

World Food Day: A Chance to Make a Difference

World Food Day: A Chance to Make a Difference Every October on World Food Day, Gospel for Asia’s Women’s Fellowship teams, Bible college students and staff members prepare hundreds of fresh food packets to distribute in the slums. As the packets are given to the poor and needy, these missionaries have opportunities to share the love of God with those […] Read more »

Medical Care for Neglected Children

As part of Gospel for Asia-supported Bridge of Hope, children receive medical care that is often unavailable in their areas. This has a monumental impact in places where many children die from preventable diseases. One Bridge of Hope center, in partnership with a humanitarian organization, took on the task of fighting one common ailment: blindness. Diet of the Blind In […] Read more »

Shattering a Very Long Silence

Kalem lived as a beggar and, tragically, a leprosy patient. His life as an outcast was filled with poverty and discrimination, but that changed when he met Pastor Paritosh. Paritosh serves the Lord as a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary in South Asia. Eager to touch as many lives as he could, Paritosh decided to meet the lepers who lived near […] Read more »

Shots, Tests and Exams for Free

In a Sri Lanka village where no one had ever visited a doctor, Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams provided medical checkups for more than 100 people. “This was a historical day for the villagers,” wrote GFA’s correspondent, “since it was the first time they had an opportunity to attend a medical clinic—free of charge.” Working with the local government, which helped sponsor […] Read more »