UPDATE: State of Assam Shut Down for Two Days

In the wake of destructive floods, the Indian state of Assam is suffering from ethnic violence that started weeks ago. To cope with the continuing violence, various groups have enforced bandhs, or strikes, throughout the region. These strikes can be considered curfews that often last entire days. A strike on August 27-28 meant people could not open their shops or […] Read more »

Healed and Reconciled

It was a wonderful day for Wamika when he found new life in Christ. But his older brother Kaamil saw it differently—as a terrible shame. Kaamil, a prominent man in the village, was wealthy, religious and influential. Enraged by his brother’s decision, he started a group dedicated to opposing all nearby Christians. The group started torturing Christians, including Wamika. They […] Read more »

Life through the Radio

GFA Radio broadcasts in more than 100 languages throughout South Asia. The following is one letter out of more than one million responses we receive from listeners each year. Dear GFA Radio, Greetings in the name of our Lord. I pray that this ministry may grow in the days to come in spreading the love of God through the radio. […] Read more »

Rivers of Peace

Church left Harish feeling dry. His church was consumed by the traditions of nominal Christianity. Harish deeply desired to know God, so he persistently adhered to these traditions, but they only left him feeling empty. He couldn’t find any peace. Then, one day, Harish answered a knock at his door and met Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Alhad Bapaiah. The two […] Read more »

Opportunity for Little Scholars

In a rural village of South Asia, 100 people gathered to celebrate a future for their children, who would likely be roaming the streets if it hadn’t been for the Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center in their community. The guests included parents, village leaders and Bridge of Hope staff—each one eager to see the children learn and succeed. […] Read more »

Itching Feet Bring a Change of Heart

Teenaged Mila came to her pastor in tears. He had been wondering why she stopped attending church, so she explained what had taken place in her home recently. Mila had chosen to follow the Lord after one of her school friends shared a New Testament with her. Mila eagerly soaked up all she could at Gospel for Asia-supported Pastor Chhiring’s […] Read more »

A Persecutor Changes Paths

Viraj had his first taste of persecution as a young man—as the one causing it. He and a few friends who were part of an anti-Christian extremist group attacked a mission. They beat pastors and nuns, then burned their belongings and literature. Viraj was so dedicated to his cause that it seemed certain he would never sway. His story turned […] Read more »