Vanished for Eight Years

She stared at him in amazement. Could it really be? After eight years of silence, Sansita stood face to face with her runaway husband. He had come home. They Had it All Sansita’s life had been peaceful. She and her husband Balbir, along with their three children, lived in a small village where most people raised animals for their livelihood. […] Read more »

2012 Issue 3: Our Community Celebrates

Features: Our Community Celebrates Faith in Every Season Giving Everything Investments for Eternity   Departments: Conversations Our Community Resources Pray Profile Five Minutes With K.P. Read more »

Hope Soars for Fatherless Children

More than 700 people gathered to witness the historical event, hope and excitement emanating from each atendee. The 100 new students were filled with joy as they witnessed the opening of the first Bridge of Hope center on their island. An Island Marked by Sorrow The island is unique, filled with widows and their children, most having lost a husband […] Read more »

What Can God Accomplish With One Bike?

For Dhumal, a GFA-supported pastor, ministry entirely changed the day God provided him with a bicycle through GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog. Dhumal pastors a church and serves as a ministry supervisor for his area. Before receiving this gift, Pastor Dhumal depended on public transportation and was often late to ministry programs. When he needed to visit congregations under his oversight, […] Read more »

Twice Divorced, Man Finds Hope on Radio

All his life Bimal suffered from intense migraines. Visits to doctors and witchdoctors and any prayers he offered to gods all yielded the same result: nothing. But migraines weren’t even Bimal’s biggest problem. Once, Twice, Three Times a Groom Bimal was unable to father children. As a result, his first wife divorced him. He remarried, but after three years and […] Read more »

World Food Day: A Chance to Make a Difference

World Food Day: A Chance to Make a Difference Every October on World Food Day, Gospel for Asia’s Women’s Fellowship teams, Bible college students and staff members prepare hundreds of fresh food packets to distribute in the slums. As the packets are given to the poor and needy, these missionaries have opportunities to share the love of God with those […] Read more »

Abandoned to Leprosy

Radhika had done everything right: She faithfully worshiped her god, followed local customs and even continued to care for her family after she got married. But all her good works weren’t enough to keep her from the shame of leprosy. When the disease infected Radhika’s leg, her husband of one year quickly abandoned her, leaving his 19-year-old wife to care […] Read more »

400 Percent Increase in Persecution of Christians in ‘10/40 Window’ Prompts Urgent Call for Prayer

FOR INFORMATION, CONTACT: Taun Cortado 972-300-3120 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   CARROLLTON, Texas — With persecution of Christians increasing by 400 percent in India alone and similarly throughout the “10/40 Window” over the past 10 years, Christians everywhere are called to pray with urgency for these brothers and sisters in Christ. The “10/40 Window,” a geographic designation that encompasses the least-reached with […] Read more »

God Gave Him a Vision

God Gave Him a Vision

Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college students pray fervently about where God wants them to share the Gospel, and Sachh was no different. When he graduated, he knew. God had given him a vision of the exact village he was meant to reach. Sachh had a passion for working among the poor and uneducated, and the people of this village were […] Read more »

From Wine to Water

Being poor never kept Sadhana and Edhas from a party lifestyle: They sold wine for a living and drank without restraint at home. The couple’s addiction to alcohol was matched only by their devotion to drugs and their many gods. But their lives were about to be turned upside down by something completely mundane: water. Like millions in South Asia, […] Read more »

Assam Rains Continue After Three Months

Three months after the Brahmaputra River overflowed and flooded more than 2 million people’s homes, heavy monsoon rains continue to devastate the Indian state of Assam. On September 24, a Gospel for Asia field correspondent reported that two weeks of nonstop rain has caused flooding in 14 of the state’s 27 districts, affecting 870 villages and claiming 11 lives. Bible […] Read more »