Angeline’s Story: Before and After

At just 10 years old, Angeline has already suffered the anguish of losing both of her parents. Her mother died from AIDS when Angeline was only four, then her father abandoned her. At age six her grandmother died and she was taken in by her uncle and aunt. You can imagine Angeline’s fear when her aunt became sick – would yet another person […] Read more »

Woman with scarf

Honoring the Widows

At the end of her life, with her children grown and years of hard work to her credit, a South Asian widow rarely receives the love and respect usually reserved for elders. Because of her husband’s death, she is seen as a curse, and her grown children often ignore her needs. Realizing the unique pain this causes, Pastor Barnabas’s fellowship […] Read more »

Hungry man

A Prisoner Set Free

As he walked out the prison doors and breathed the fresh air of freedom, Ibrahim should have felt only relief, but his perilous position was hard to forget. Six months ago, he’d been arrested at the border between his country and its northern neighbor. Like many others, he had made his living by crossing over to find work. Now that […] Read more »

3 Minutes in a Dalit Village

The word Dalit literally means “broken”, “crushed” or “oppressed”. In Hindu society, Dalits are at the lowest rung of the ladder. The vast majority of them are impoverished, exploited and powerless to change their fate. Considered to be polluted or unclean, they are called “Untouchables”. If they were to touch someone of a higher caste, the upper-caste person would supposedly […] Read more »

Woman receives blanket

‘A Blanket from the Lord Jesus’

Cauvery grasped the village leader’s hand in desperation. If only she could make him understand her need. She was elderly, poor and unlikely to survive the winter. Couldn’t he see the anguish in her eyes? It wasn’t the first time Cauvery had asked for a blanket—and certainly not the first time she was turned down. Every time she asked, others […] Read more »

Real Life Hero

  Would you sacrifice everything you knew and loved to live in a slum in South Asia? By definition, a slum is a densely urban area marked by extreme poverty, filth and social tension. Life in the slums of South Asia is filled with scavenging, begging, bonded labor, and hopelessness.   So why would this missionary choose to give it […] Read more »

Outside the church

A Joy Beyond Rejection

It isn’t your typical church. The believers are society’s greatest rejects, cast out by their employers, friends and even families—all because of the disease they carry. But as Pastor Jiva looks out on the leprosy patients’ faces, he sees people covered in love and acceptance. When Pastor Jiva first arrived at the leprosy colony, the patients desperately needed help in […] Read more »

Sri Lanka’s Floodwaters and Death Toll Rise

As rain continues to fall over much of Sri Lanka, the country’s death toll from floods and landslides has reached 43 people, and more than 300,000 have been affected by the damage. Adding to the island nation’s problems, which began nearly a month ago, the minister of health announced an outbreak of leptospirosis, or rat fever, a potentially deadly disease […] Read more »

Someone to Understand

How would she care for her children? How would she provide for their needs? Would she be forced to beg? Or worse? As Taanusiya processed the news of her husband’s sudden death, she didn’t have time to block the onslaught of questions. Today Vadiraj had died, but tomorrow their two young children would still need to eat. With no close […] Read more »