Desperation for Clean Water

  Clean water or dirty water? That sounds like a ridiculous question to all of us, yet the reality is that many people in the world don’t have the choice between clean and dirty water. For many in Asia, safe, clean water is hard to come by. Confined to stagnant ponds, filthy rivers, and rusty wells, these people are struggling daily […] Read more »

Lady reading

Finally Able to Grow in Christ

Lalasa grew up devoted to worshiping many gods and goddesses. She had heard the Good News and believed in Jesus but wasn’t growing stronger in her faith because she was still practicing some of her old religious traditions. The turning point in Lalasa’s life and relationship with Jesus came when she married Mardev, a pastor who encouraged her and showed […] Read more »

Women in fellowship

Dreams of Demons

Tabassum and Edi had a fine marriage—until Edi started taking his faith seriously. The man had been a nominal Christian when they tied the knot, but soon he started attending prayer and worship services at the local church. Tabassum did her best to keep Edi away from the church, verbally abusing him and his family, but something had changed in […] Read more »

Chicks for Children – Xiaoyun

  “God says we are supposed to help those in need. How often do people go and buy new  clothes? $11 is not a big deal. $11 can provide chickens for the families in Asia, so they have not only food, but also an income from selling any excess eggs that are produced. I want to raise enough money to […] Read more »

Lady with rice

Hope for the Whole Family

Sachi watched her husband become more and more dependent on alcohol to get through each day. She and Javesh had small children to feed, but whatever money he made, he used on his addiction. The situation grew worse, and their food was beginning to run out. The only glimmer of hope in Sachi’s and Javesh’s lives was that their son […] Read more »

Best friends

Opposites Find Common Ground

Maagh and Saaras were great friends, but they were opposites in many ways. Maagh worked overtime; Saaras worked occasionally. Maagh lived on his own; Saaras depended on his parents financially. Maagh followed Jesus; Saaras was faithful to a traditional deity. It was the last difference that Saaras could never understand. Religion should have been something they could agree on, but […] Read more »

Blue the Biosand Water Filter

  BioSand Water Filters Millions of people in South Asia live without access to an adequate, safe and clean water supply. They are among the many that rely on muddy pond water for all their needs. Introduce Biosand water filters! These all-natural filtration devices remove harmful substances and produce clear, clean drinking water. They don’t need electricity so they’re perfect […] Read more »

Walking in snow

The Cold Won’t Stop Them

As record low temperatures plague South Asia this winter, death tolls are soaring—and so is the cost of blankets and winter clothing. “It’s very difficult to survive, especially during winter season when the weather is chilly and damp,” says Pastor Taha. “At the same time, prices are going higher every day.” Because many South Asian homes don’t have heating, even […] Read more »

Be Inspired to Pray

  Join us and lift up your voice Now is your chance to take part in a powerful opportunity to intercede with us on behalf of the millions who have never heard Christ’s name. ʺPraying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with perseverance and supplication.ʺ – Ephesians 6:18 Pray with the GFA […] Read more »

Leprosy patient

New Plans for the Future

Anyone would have expected complaints from Edha, always working long days and nights so her children would have a better future. But she was the epitome of motherly devotion, and besides that, she had a dream to keep her going. . . . When she collapsed into bed with exhaustion, she thought about her own future, and how, naturally, her […] Read more »

Man with radio

Healing for Their Enemies

The message playing over the radio was simply wonderful—a God who died for all mankind! Haady and his family eagerly embraced Christ’s love. Their neighbors, however, had different feelings on the matter. The opposition was strong, but Haady and his family held tightly to their faith, drawing encouragement from communication with the GFA Radio staff and worshiping with a local […] Read more »