Goat Pays Off Family’s Debt

Gunavati and her husband Mahin were blessed with a son and then a daughter-in-law and three granddaughters. However, their growing family was both a blessing and a hardship. Despite Gunavati’s hard work in the fields and Mahin’s small tea shop business, it was difficult to provide for everyone’s needs. Like the other families in the community, Gunavati and Mahin worshiped […] Read more »

A national missionary prayed for Sachetan

A Future Doctor without a Cure

Sachetan was the pride of his family, the oldest son, academically brilliant—and possessed by an evil spirit. The 20-year-old student’s parents, Udyam and Wajeeha, had planned to send him to medical school to become a doctor. Their plans were going well, until the day a demon entered Sachetan. Udyam and Wajeeha took Sachetan many places for treatments, especially to local […] Read more »

A national missionary reached her.

A Broken Heart to Bring Her Hope

After all his romantic efforts, Tapomay had only ever received Vaanadhi’s rejection. However, someone must have told him that persistence pays off because once he found Vaanadhi’s phone number, the young man didn’t stop calling. At first, Vaanadhi was irritated by the constant disruption, but when Tapomay proposed marriage, she was moved by his deep love for her. They secretly […] Read more »


Nightmares, a Missionary and a Sewing Machine

Jatan wanted to give his wife and two children a good life, so he moved them to a big city where he thought he could find better work. Unfortunately, his new job didn’t bring in the income the family needed. Jatan hoped his wife, Menaka, could help him earn some extra money, but this seemed nearly impossible because she wasn’t […] Read more »

Greatest Wish is to Read

Siddhi was grateful she could attend her local church and hear the Bible being taught, but the thought of reading the Word for herself consumed her. Only one thing was standing in her way—Siddhi didn’t know how to read. Only 65 percent of women in South Asia know how to read, so being a 45-year-old who couldn’t read was not […] Read more »

New Believers Persecuted for Faith

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Dipal ministers in an area dominated by devout followers of a traditional Asian religion. There are three temples in just one village he visits. The strict religiosity did not keep Dipal from sharing the love of Christ with the villagers, though. Many of them were interested in the literature Dipal gave to them, and they invited […] Read more »

Clean water through BioSand water filter

Trekking for Water

Meghana walked out the door and headed once more down the rutted streets. Compelled by thirst, she trekked the familiar road to draw water from a well that was a little less than a mile away. The well much closer to her home had so much salt in it that it was nearly impossible to drink. The wealthier people in […] Read more »


Pursuing a Dream

Swarup, a Bridge of Hope graduate, shares about his journey with the Lord and his desire for future ministry. “My name is Swarup. I have eight brothers and one sister. My family is very religious. We have different kinds of gods and goddesses in my home, and I used to start each day by worshipping them. I would offer different […] Read more »