National missionary with bicycle

Ending His Three-Hour Commute

It wouldn’t be a shock if Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Jaiwant was worn out by his job leading three fellowships and ministering in surrounding villages. One of the fellowships was an hour away, and another was three hours. When Jaiwant traveled, there was only one way of transportation: by foot. Jaiwant had enrolled in Bible college shortly after embracing Christ, […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope boy

Praying for Healing and Paying the Bills

Mahaj had always encouraged his son, Chahel, to work hard at his education, but as hard as Mahaj worked at his own job, the bills always exceeded his wages. With his wife, Faria, often sick and the local government not providing free education, poverty was a way of life. When Mahaj heard about Bridge of Hope, he enrolled his son, […] Read more »

Woman with leprosy

World Leprosy Day: A Love They Can See

The message was short and should have been common knowledge, but by the end of the speech, people had begun to cry. “Earlier, the lepers were considered as untouchables, but in this generation and time, there is no such discrimination . . .” GFA-supported pastor Vagish had said. “Our Creator, the Lord Jesus, loved all the sick people, including lepers.” […] Read more »

Christ’s Witness to the Ends of the Jail Cell

As Lakshin spoke, his ragged audience hung on each word, and they felt the Lord speaking to their hearts. This was why they kept coming back for his messages. They weren’t a pious crowd—every one had a criminal record—but the speaker said God would forgive their sins. And, after all, it had to be true; their crimes had landed them […] Read more »

Street child Naresh

‘In Jesus’ Hands’: A Street Child’s Testimony

Across the streets of India, 18 million children sleep, beg and desperately dream of the day they’ll escape. By God’s grace, that dream is coming true every day at Gospel for Asia’s home for runaway and abandoned children. Today, one of them shares his story: First of all, I’d like to thank my Savior, Jesus, and all of you who […] Read more »

Unexpected Pastor in an Accidental Mission Field

Kalap isn’t what most people think of when asked to describe the pastor of a thriving church; he stammers painfully, whether speaking to individuals or a crowd. When he first arrived in the village where he now ministers, the zealous residents met him with fierce hostility. Fortunately, Pastor Kalap didn’t put too much stock in first impressions. Instead of giving […] Read more »

Woman in tea garden

Paralyzed Woman, Blind Child, Loving God

As a daily wage laborer, Vagdevi didn’t have many resources available to get justice from her child’s father. But after all she had been through, she was ready to stand her ground. Vagdevi’s brother died at the age of 21, leaving her mother mentally disturbed ever since. It was then that Vagdevi took on the responsibility of caring for her […] Read more »

An Unwelcome New Year’s Guest

The new year was on its way, and despite the unusually cold weather, most people were celebrating the holiday. But the shouts and laughter in Ujagar’s home didn’t come from a raucous party. Instead, his family felt more grief than joy as 2013 approached. Earlier that evening, Ujagar’s wife, Tanika, had been attacked by an evil spirit that caused her […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope student

Though Her Parents Aren’t with Her

Malsa was came from a large Christian family with four older sisters and brothers and one younger brother, but she didn’t grow up knowing the joy of a bustling house full of love and silly arguments. Her father died when she was two years old, and because her mother didn’t know how to care for six children on her own, […] Read more »