Woman’s Worries Are Prayed Away

Jyoti spent her time caring for her two children and trying to ensure her family was run well, while her husband labored in short-term jobs to provide for them. But when the summer came and her husband did not get any jobs, the worries of each day became nearly unbearable. Jyoti worried relentlessly about how her family would survive. Eventually, […] Read more »


A Haunted Widow

Even the local missionaries knew the rumors about Tanuka: Her house was haunted and even she was under the control of an evil spirit. The rumors weren’t entirely wrong. At 70 years old, the only help widowed Tanuka received from her four grown and married children was a monthly stipend and occasional visits from her daughter. It was more than […] Read more »

Woman now worships Jesus

A Hole in Her Heart

No matter the size, a hole in one’s heart will always bring struggles. Manisha knew this all too well. She endured fatigue from simple day-to-day tasks and caring for her two sons. Her husband, Dilip, was home only a couple days a week because he transported goods to distant villages. That left Manisha to bear the brunt of the responsibility […] Read more »

Women in church

The True God and Other ‘Unnecessary Thoughts’

Life is complicated, Chameli told herself again. Why should I entertain unnecessary thoughts? But ever since the 16-year-old had heard about Jesus at the Bridge of Hope center she attended, she couldn’t stop thinking about her neighbors’ religious practices. If there are many gods, which one is the true God? Why do some members of the community forsake their own […] Read more »

Illness Restores Father

Seven-year-old Priyala rested on her bed so motionless you would think she was dead. A fever, cough and stomach pains had taken over her body. Her mother, Marala, hated to stand idly by, not willing to give up her daughter. Priyala had attended the local Bridge of Hope center, and Marala knew, from everything her precious daughter had told her, […] Read more »

Woman finishes school

Blocked from Education at Every Turn

Poverty had never kept Lajjawati from her studies before, and her mom was determined that loss of a loved one shouldn’t either. But even though Lajjawati pushed through the heartache of losing her father, her educational costs were too much for her mother, Omana, to handle alone. In the 10th grade, Lajjawati had to drop out of school and began […] Read more »


Faith by Hearing the Neighbor

Bisaj Hansda and his family lived peacefully in their village, though it was separated from other villages and did not have adequate electricity or communication. He earned a living by farming while his wife stayed home, caring for their three children who all attended school. Bisaj’s family was financially stable and happy. They lived a good life until their youngest […] Read more »

Film ministry

The One Who Would Give Her Rest

Maanika’s husband spent the year traveling from city to city for seasonal work, and she faithfully performed rituals to their gods. Yet for all that, her family often couldn’t meet their needs for just one day. It was no wonder she was given to complaining. When a Gospel for Asia-supported film team came to Maanika’s house one day, the women […] Read more »