Pure Water from a Cement Block

Rotten teeth and stomachaches were what awaited poor families in Vatya’s village with every drink of water. The water in their village is filled with pollution, but they drank it for years. While the wealthy could purchase clean water, those who didn’t have the extra money had no choice but to consume the dirty village water. Vatya and his family […] Read more »

Son Teaches Mother to Read

As Benu heard the sound of the letters of the alphabet, she realized her dream was coming true. She looked up at her son as he stood teaching the class of adults. He looked so grown up. He was still a young man, but he had received the treasure of an education, something Benu had always desired for all her […] Read more »

God's Word has transformed many lives in Asia.

God’s Word Changes Teenage Alcoholic’s Reputation

Pretvan had a reputation of being a dangerous man—and he was only a youth. Pretvan had dropped out of school, failing to make it past the eighth grade, and started drinking alcohol with friends. The teenager quickly became a dangerous addict, often starting trouble with other villagers. Even his friends grew frightened of him, thinking he would hurt them. His […] Read more »

Drought Devastates Farmers, Some Commit Suicide

Today dry, cracked ground and barren fields cover the landscape of Maharashtra. The farmer’s crops are dying, and with shortages of water supplies, people’s lives waver in the balance. Clouds hover over the fields, bringing gentle drizzles instead of the usual torrential monsoons, which Northeast India is currently experiencing. How to survive stands at the forefront of many minds in […] Read more »

Quenching the Thirst to Learn

Marmi rushed through her chores, excited for an afternoon meeting. With five children and a house to take care of, she didn’t have much spare time, but to Marmi, the meeting was well worth the sacrifice. Never a Chance to Learn The firstborn of 10 children, Marmi never had an opportunity to learn how to read. Instead of going to […] Read more »

Many people in Asia have found hope and healing after calling GFA Radio call centers to receive prayer.

At Death’s Door: Man Places His Hope in a God He Once Despised

Swarit hated Christianity and the principles and values that came with it. Instead, he worked hard to please gods who punished sinners and saved the righteous. He worshiped them devotedly, and he was sure he had earned their favor. With the same faithfulness, Swarit provided for his family. They looked to him as a pillar: He bore the responsibility of […] Read more »