Earthquake Victims Learn New Marketable Skills

Earthquake Victims Learn New Marketable Skills

Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Deepit organized a four-day training seminar to help the people in his community regain financial stability after Nepal’s earthquakes in April and May. Many in Pastor Deepit’s community are unemployed. “After the earthquake,” Deepit said, “many people are in need of basic needs: food, shelter and clothes. They are in financial crisis. [This seminar] is one […] Read more »

Christmas celebrations are one of the many ways people in Asia end up hearing about Christ and attending church.

The Joy of Christmas Changes Witch Doctor’s Life

For more than two years, Bishr had been working as a witch doctor. People from various villages came to him to be healed of minor ailments such as headaches or stomach pain. Bishr also made and sold local wine. Business was going well, and even though his wife suffered from back pain sometimes, their home life was peaceful. But one […] Read more »

During the Christmas season, Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries like Pastor Shreyas often have many opportunities to share Christ's love.

Soldier’s Life Impacted by New Testament and Christmas Carols

Rochan credited his gods with getting him a good job, but when he went home for the Christmas holiday last year, he encountered a familiar face and heard about the love of Jesus, who could give him more than a job. This God could give him genuine peace and security. Soldier Encouraged by Old Acquaintance Rochan grew up with a […] Read more »

A pastor's widow was one of more than 200 who received Christmas gifts at a Gospel for Asia-supported gift distribution event.

Gift Distribution Blesses More than 200 Lives

As Navin sat in the meeting, he kept looking at the clock. It was nearing 11 a.m. Navin’s superior, who had called the meeting, noticed how restless and distracted Navin was. He asked what was going on. Navin told him he was scheduled to be a guest at a program organized by a church. Navin’s superior smiled. “Even on weekdays […] Read more »

Families Receive New Hope

Meet Nadja, Sian and Garv—just a few people who received a gift through a Christmas gift distribution in their area. “We have no source of income in my family. I know how to stitch clothes, but I couldn’t afford to buy a sewing machine,” Nadja said. “Today my family got new hope to earn money though this sewing machine.” “I […] Read more »