Peace replaces hatred after hearing from missionary

Freedom from Hatred and Suspicion

Hatred and distrust had been Dipendra’s regular companions for years. He and his family vehemently opposed anyone who followed Jesus, launching insults at Christians and refusing to allow any believer to enter their house. But then Dipendra found himself on the receiving end of hatred and suspicion. A rumor spread across Dipendra’s village and enraged his community: They suspected he […] Read more »

Healed by prayer at Women's Fellowship

When Witch Doctors Fail and Deities Remain Silent

Sapna left the witch doctors, frustrated and disappointed to again be met with failure. Doctors were unsuccessful in treating her severe pain, and now even witch doctors couldn’t find a cure. Sapna wondered why faithfully obeying her religious customs for so many years hadn’t brought her the blessings she expected. As part of the local priest’s family, she had diligently […] Read more »

Villagers watch a film on the life of Jesus

Film Stirs the Heart of Rebellious Young Man

Rupika was not expecting a visitor when she heard a knock on her door. She opened it to find a dirty, long-haired man standing before her, and she immediately closed it again thinking the young man was a beggar. There was another knock, and Rupika opened the door again. Only one word left the man’s mouth, and it stunned Rupika […] Read more »

Grandparents in Asia raise grandson

Raising Grade-schoolers at 70 Years Old

Arvan’s son caused many arguments and severely troubled the family through his alcohol addiction and subsequent illnesses, but his death only brought more misery. Arvan watched his widowed daughter-in-law discard her responsibilities, leaving her three sons behind to start a new life with another man. How was Arvan, at 70 years old, supposed to provide for his grandsons? Grandparents Labor […] Read more »

Illiteracy in Asia

Finally Achieving Her Buried Ambition

Tourists flocked to Shanti’s city year after year, enchanted by the snowcapped mountains reflected in a glassy lake. But while visitors dreamt of living in her beautiful city, Shanti lived in a fog of depression and frustration, weary of suppressing her lifelong desire. Girl Kept Home from School During Shanti’s childhood, most parents in her community believed sending girls to […] Read more »