Man with cow

The Gift That Gives Back

Syon’s family knew he needed help. His drinking had become unbearable; he couldn’t go a single day without alcohol in his system. Syon’s wife, Badriya, feared for her family. She was tired of the fighting, frustration and abuse Syon inflicted on them. At his worst, Syon had tried to kill her, and she worried that, unless something changed, he would […] Read more »

Happy boy now sings

Mute Boy’s Song Brings Healing to Family

Light strains of music could be heard outside the building. Inside, dozens of children sang and danced, following their teacher’s, Parbatie, lead. As Parbatie swept her eyes across the singing children, they paused on one boy in particular. Was Satyesh really singing? Surprise mingled with joy filled Parbatie, and she rushed to call Satyesh’s mother and the local GFA pastor. […] Read more »

Jesus wells provide safe, clean drinking water.

Man’s Health Restored After Drinking Water from Jesus Well

Imagine for just a moment: The water that flows through your filtered refrigerator to your glass of ice or that pours from your sink faucet to the cooking pan is gone. Instead, you heft a bucket in each hand and walk to the closest river, which is 300 meters (0.19 miles) away. When you return home with the heavy buckets, […] Read more »

bridge of hope student now wants to be a teacher

From Truant Student to Future Teacher

There was simply too much homework … and none of it made sense! Siji would rather stay home feigning sickness than go to school and suffer her teachers’ scolding and scowls. She hadn’t finished the work they expected of her, and today’s lessons would probably be just as confusing, so what was the point? She might as well stay home […] Read more »

National Missionaries are serving on the field every day and changing lives

Love Overcomes the Lies

Manraj looked out from the walls of his small wine shop to see GFA pastor Dinshah walk past. Just the sight of the pastor made Manraj’s blood boil. “Why are you often fooling the villagers by sharing about your foreign god, whom we never adopted from our forefathers?” Manraj sneered, forcing the pastor to stop in his tracks. The 58-year-old […] Read more »

Nabhi now has a brighter future thanks to Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope Provides for Family in Need

By the time Nabhi was 8 years old, she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, a blood disorder and a genetic defect causing a hole in her heart. Nabhi had experienced much physical suffering in her young life. Her parents, Jayanti and Padmai, worried about their daughter and feared they would not be able to afford her medical treatments. […] Read more »

Monali now knows of God's love thanks to the film team

Bringing Answers Where Few Tread

Monali grew up in a remote village situated deep in a forest and surrounded by rocky hills. Due to the village’s remote nature, outside visitors rarely came. There were no transportation facilities; people used small pathways to get to their home or the market. There was no school; most children followed in their parents’ footsteps and labored in the paddy […] Read more »

food being given out by bec

Caring for the Least of These

Jarbai spent a typical day catching fish and crabs from the local river to sell at market. Her son worked as a daily laborer, supplementing the money from Jarbai’s daily catches. While meager, the earnings they pulled in were just enough to survive—at least until the COVID-19 pandemic. Hunger Amidst Crisis To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many countries […] Read more »