Through Gospel for Asia supported national missionaries, thousands of villages are hearing of Jesus’ name for the first time, and experiencing His love. But for these Good News bearers, life is not always easy.

Gift of a Blanket Leaves Lasting Impact for Widow

After the death of her husband, Dayita and her children faced many challenges, especially when it came to finances. Without the presence or provision of her husband, Dayita carried grief and sorrow…

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Dayita (second from left) and her children and grandchild pose for a picture with Pastor Ansh (far right). The pastor’s gift of a blanket made a lasting impact for Dayita’s entire family.

God Supernaturally Heals Man’s Throat

If anyone were to ask Kalapi if God really answers prayer, this grateful man would most likely give a resounding, “Yes!” and then share his story of how God healed his throat.…

GFA-supported pastors, like this one, visit with villagers, offering hope for everyday life and prayers for healing.

Bicycles Lift Burdens

Limited. That’s how Pastor Jachin felt. The members of his congregation live in several different villages that were some distance from his church. Whenever a believer was sick or in need of…

Pastor Jachin (pictured fourth from the right) and 11 of the 12 other GFA-supported workers pose with their new bicycles.

Hope Emerges from Sickness, Death

Bahar’s husband was gone. Stricken by cancer, he passed away after fighting it for a year. Bahar and her four children were devastated. Not long after her husband’s passing, Bahar herself fell…

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Bahar (not pictured) was prayed for and encouraged by Pastor Raz and the believers many times during her struggle with cancer in gatherings like this.

The Weight of the World

When Paden turned 12, his life drastically changed. His father passed away, leaving Paden, his mother and his two younger siblings all alone. The responsibility of caring for the family fell to…

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GFA-supported pastors minister to all who are in need, like Paden (not pictured).