The Bitter Tears of a Helpless Mother

Nadia sat outside her home crying bitterly. Her youngest son had malaria, and there was nothing she could do to help him. She helplessly looked on as her little boy kept getting…

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Nadia’s tears turned to joy after God healed her son of malaria.

Meeting His Creator

Than Kyi grew up an animist. The 21-year-old college student had never heard the Gospel. He didn’t know God became flesh and dwelled among men. He didn’t know this man, named Jesus,…

Than testifies of God’s goodness in his life.

Remembering the Forgotten

Disgraced. Disregarded. And sometimes considered cursed by the gods—this is the life of South Asia’s disabled people. According to statistics from The World Bank, India alone has between 40 to 80 million…