Theeran went to Nandin’s meeting with the intent to cause trouble, but instead he found the love of Christ.

Spells Couldn’t Stop the Holy Spirit’s Power

As a magician, Theeran cast spells to manipulate the evil spirits he worshiped. He could make people sick or offer them the façade of healing with the help of demons. The people in his village relied on him as their spiritual leader to offer sacrifices and perform religious rituals to their gods and goddesses on their behalf. And when Gospel […] Read more »

Nadia’s tears turned to joy after God healed her son of malaria.

The Bitter Tears of a Helpless Mother

Nadia sat outside her home crying bitterly. Her youngest son had malaria, and there was nothing she could do to help him. She helplessly looked on as her little boy kept getting worse and worse. The tears she shed that night wouldn’t stop. A Women’s Fellowship member of the local Gospel for Asia-supported church heard the desperate sobs of the […] Read more »

Than testifies of God’s goodness in his life.

Meeting His Creator

Than Kyi grew up an animist. The 21-year-old college student had never heard the Gospel. He didn’t know God became flesh and dwelled among men. He didn’t know this man, named Jesus, came to save him, that He laid down His life so that he, Than, could live. But during one of his holiday breaks, that all changed. While back […] Read more »

Raised from His Sleeping Bed

Satish Sona laid in bed, unable to move. He could see men and women going about their daily tasks with ease, while his paralysis left him devoid of life. He slept often to escape the reality of his circumstances, and when he wasn’t sleeping, one question kept entering his thoughts: How am I going to take care of my wife […] Read more »

Prisoner Tastes Fresh Water for the First Time in Eight Years

FOR INFORMATION, CONTACT: Taun Cortado 972-300-3120 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   CARROLLTON, Texas, April 23, 2012—In celebration of World Water Day, which took place March 22, Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries went to a local prison in South Asia and gave the inmates a never-ending supply of clean water: BioSand water filters. Manav Banjeree, an inmate serving a life sentence, spoke on […] Read more »

Father’s Death Shakes Up Daughter’s Life

Rahu maneuvered his school bus filled with children through the streets of his town. He made his way down dirt roads, swerving every now and then to miss potholes, animals and items lying on the street. Even with Rahu’s expert handling, something pierced one of the bus’s tires and deflated it quickly. Rahu stopped the school bus and went to […] Read more »

Burmese Singers Celebrate Christmas with Gospel Music Festival

Believers in Myanmar (Burma) found a special way to celebrate Christmas last year. They organized a Gospel music festival in a paddy field near a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college. On December 11, 2011, more than 3,000 people gathered to hear 24 Burmese singers sing Christmas songs. The singers, many of whom were once addicted to opium and alcohol before […] Read more »

Church Opposition Prevents Attendance; 200 Believers Kept Out of Sunday Worship

FOR INFORMATION, CONTACT: Taun Cortado 972-300-3120 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   CARROLLTON, Texas, April 13, 2012—Anti-Christians in South Asia have restricted more than 200 believers who attend Pastor Sayam Chandran’s church from attending Sunday worship service. Right now, only 70-90 believers fit in the limited space where the services take place. The Gospel for Asia-supported pastor purchased a piece of land […] Read more »

Remembering the Forgotten

Disgraced. Disregarded. And sometimes considered cursed by the gods—this is the life of South Asia’s disabled people. According to statistics from The World Bank, India alone has between 40 to 80 million people living with disabilities, and at least one in 12 households has a member with a disability. When the International Day of Persons with Disabilities rolled around on […] Read more »

Jesus Wells Solve Village Leader’s Problems

Poojan Manasi had many ideas for developing the village he lived in. As the village chief, he was in charge of solving all the problems in his area, so he set out to tackle each issue starting with the village’s lack of clean water. Poojan sought and received government permission to dig wells in his village, but after installing three […] Read more »