Clean Water for 30 Families

As a teacher, Aadi had to watch the children at his remote village school drink and wash with dirty water. He knew the bad effects of polluted water, but there was no way to purify it and make it safe for the children in his school’s care. But that changed with one special day—and 30 BioSand water filters. Gospel for […] Read more »

gospel for asia - prayer need

Missionary Released by Terrorists Unharmed!

Thank God – your prayers are answered! On Sunday, July 29, our missionary Ponnachan George was released unharmed by the terrorist group that had kidnapped him almost a week earlier in Assam, India. All around the world, the people of God prayed, and just as in Acts 12, we have experienced His mercy. Read the amazing update here.   Read more »

gospel for asia - prayer need

Mission Leader Kidnapped – Urgent Prayer Needed

One of our senior leaders has been abducted by a terrorist group, and they are demanding a very high ransom for his release. On July 23, at 7 p.m., a group of five armed terrorists kidnapped Pastor Ponnachan George from our Bible school campus in the Karbi Anglong district of Assam, India. They have taken him away to their forest […] Read more »

Bringing Relief to Homeless Flood Survivors

Jisha was obviously pregnant, but she hardly had enough food for one—much less two. Floodwaters had torn away her home, and now she looked out anxiously from a neighborhood of makeshift shanties on the side of the road. She and the others should have been easy to find, but a week after setting up camp, no one had come to […] Read more »

A Most Unlikely Missionary

Raji was young, athletic and successful. His life was the picture of perfection. But when he was struck with a sudden illness that left him partially paralyzed, he thought his life was over. Fortunately for Raji, the Lord had other plans. Raji and his family were devoted to their region’s traditional religion, so when Raji became ill, they took him […] Read more »

Would Prayers Heal Tuberculosis?

Pastor Ram was teaching one Sunday and noticed a visitor in the congregation. When the service ended, the young man came up to meet him. As they talked, Pastor Ram saw that the visitor, Deva, was not in good health. Deva’s father had passed away when he was young, and his mother had to provide for the family. Deva had […] Read more »

Searching for Sanity, Finding Peace

He had a clean bill of health and a beautiful bride. Everyone thought Kulik was finally settling down. But it wasn’t long before this village menace was at it again. For years, Kulik had been afflicted by a mental illness that caused him to steal things and plague his neighbors with trouble. They mostly left him alone, believing that time […] Read more »

Relief for Assam Flooding Survivors

On June 30, Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams distributed aid for 201 families affected by the Assam floods. In this area of Assam, 50,000 people suffered loss after the Brahmaputra River surged past its embankments. Most of the Christians there, including missionaries, lost their livestock, and some lost their homes. The believers were forced to evacuate to find higher […] Read more »

No Matter What the Neighbors Say

When Udaya’s husband died suddenly, she didn’t know how she would make it as a single mom—and her neighbors readily affirmed this doubt. Udaya used to attend church with her husband, Talin, and their three children. She had even decided to follow Christ. But when Talin fell sick and died, Udaya gave up on everything but basic survival. And as […] Read more »