Flooding in Sri Lanka Affecting over 300,000

While people around the world celebrated Christmas this week, catastrophic flooding sliced through the island nation of Sri Lanka, leaving thousands homeless and more than 300,000 impacted—many without the basic needs to survive. During the last two weeks, a continuous downpour of rain fueled flooding throughout a large portion of the island. Now, at least seven people are missing. The […] Read more »

By Malaria or Murder

Aadita cried out loudly. Someone was trying to kill her, she screamed. Would anyone save her? Although the pleas broke her heart, Aadita’s mother, Sachika, was hardly moved to action. If she rushed to the rescue, she already knew what she would find: Aadita, completely alone, insisting that death was at her door. In a sense, Aadita was right. In […] Read more »

Peace on Air?

“Why can’t the god that my father worships change him?” Sai often asked her mother. Sai’s father, a proud and angry drunkard, made her childhood a nightmare. Sai watched him pray to his god faithfully, but he often argued with her mother, sometimes physically abusing her. Sai and her siblings were not spared from the pain, enduring many beatings as […] Read more »

Too Sick to Beg

The 65-year-old woman lay still in the small bed. Nabanipa had been confined there for three days and still no one had come. Sickness robbed her of strength, and the elderly widow had no way of going out to beg for food as she normally would. She waited anxiously, hoping someone would stop in to check on her, but not […] Read more »

She Couldn’t Keep Her Children Warm

“My husband comes home fully drunk every night,” Bhadra said. “He sleeps anywhere, not bothered by the climate—whether cold or hot. He doesn’t use blankets or bed sheets and will not provide such good things for us.” Bhadra has learned not to expect much from her husband, Jugnu. He has a job painting, yet their family’s house remain unfinished and […] Read more »

200-Member Rally Promotes AIDS Awareness

World AIDS Day was recognized on December 1 through a rally put on by Gospel for Asia staff, Bible college students and Women’s Fellowship members. Because many people do not know how HIV/AIDS is spread, the workers focused their campaign on education. In addition to leading a march, the team of 200 believers offered personal counseling as well as booklets […] Read more »

Jesus: Their Reason for Rejoicing

Songs of praise and worship to the King filled the air as the Christmas program got underway. God’s presence was in this place. In one of the unlikeliest of spots, joy abounded. Many of the hands that clapped were merely stubs; others were missing fingers, but that didn’t prevent the people’s rejoicing. Christ’s love was enough for this gathering of […] Read more »

Drunk Dad, Depressed Daughter

Reshmi’s nights were filled with the drunken ranting of her father. Employed as a daily laborer, Vachan worked hard for his money, but he spent it on alcohol. Instead of providing for his family, Vachan only caused them stress through his frequent stupors. Reshmi was depressed by the whole routine. The Power of Prayer During this time, Reshmi was enrolled […] Read more »

Out with the Old and In with the New

The hum of the motor stopped suddenly but Laranya wasn’t surprised. The old sewing machine often broke down, causing the seamstress to lose precious hours of work. Stitching clothes for others was her small family’s only source of income. Laranya had been left alone to take care of her two children after her husband died a few years earlier in […] Read more »