A Broken Marriage Redeemed

Janaki’s marriage was not one of love and faithfulness, and her heartbroken husband knew it. Janaki hadn’t hidden her affair with a younger man well. In the two years of her affair, her family—and even the other villagers—had caught onto her unfaithfulness. She understood the pain she was causing her husband and that the extramarital relationship was wrong, but still, […] Read more »

Waiting for flood relief

Death Toll Passes 1,000 in Northern India Floods

The death toll in Nepal and northern India surpassed 1,000 people Monday after soldiers discovered more victims from the torrential monsoon floods plaguing the area. Some 10,000 people remain stranded in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, a popular summer destination for tourists and religious visitors. The monsoon hit the state a month earlier than it had for the past half […] Read more »

Widow Embraces Christ’s Love

At 33 years old, Ramini had two sons to care for and the lifelong curse of being a widow after her husband’s death. Being widowed in South Asia usually means a woman is no longer valued in her community. Widows are often blamed for their husbands’ death, even if their husbands die because of alcoholism, as in Ramini’s case. One […] Read more »

The Village of Widows

Hundreds of women have endured the same fate as they waited for their husbands to bring home fish, wood or honey from the forest—but they never came home. The men went on long expeditions into the forest to provide for their wives and families, but they ventured too deep into the tigers’ domain. They were mauled and killed by the […] Read more »

Women's literacy in Asia

Literacy Saved Her Paycheck

Dayita worked hard to keep her family afloat, but her efforts would come to nothing if her husband continued to waste the hard-earned money. Still, as one of the more than 30 percent of Asian women who are illiterate, Dayita found her options limited. In Dayita’s village, few girls received an education, and she was no exception. Her husband Kaamil […] Read more »

Patience Pays Off

In a small remote community in Nepal, 2,500 villagers lived with no electricity, transportation or medical facilities. The villagers had no schools and little hope for the future. Who would bring them the Good News? While serving a small congregation nearby, Gospel for Asia pastor Omkar made voyages every weekend to that very remote village, eager to share the hope […] Read more »

Pure Water

Poor Families Receive BioSand Water Filters

Villagers living near Gospel for Asia pastor Adri Dhruv’s church often drink water Americans wouldn’t use to water their houseplants. Water is scarce and contains dangerous pathogens. So many people contract deadly diseases from drinking contaminated water that it is one of the leading causes of death in the region. On India’s Independence Day in 2012, government authorities and more […] Read more »

Bible college student praying

‘Do Not Thank Us, but Thank the Lord’

Sahil, Maish, and Ajay were first-year Bible college students excited to serve. After fasting and praying about where God would send them, these young men began a month-long internship under the leadership of Pastor Gupta. They had no idea what was in store for them. Sana was a devout young woman in the village who regularly visited the local temples […] Read more »