Sunday school students

Come, You Will See Wonders

Despite growing up with his mother and brother in a region highly focused on education, Vijay wasn’t very interested in his 10th grade studies. His kind and gentle character made his teachers love him anyway, but it was because of those very characteristics that his “friends” mocked him. The ridicule left Vijay lonely and unhappy. The sad look on his […] Read more »

A national missionary gave her hope.

Over the Hill and Still Alive

Forty is typically the age for a mid-life crisis and jokes to surface about having one foot in the grave, but for Labuki, the crisis was much more than feeling old, and death was already knocking on her door. Labuki had known her whole life she would die at the age of 40. Following local tradition, her parents consulted an […] Read more »

‘It Was God’s Perfect Plan for Me’

At only 16 years old, Kina was already separated from a cheating husband and the disgrace of the whole village. She had been wed to a man who was secretly married to another woman already. His parents had gone along with their son, hiding the matter until Kina moved in with them. Her new husband didn’t care about her at […] Read more »

Struggling Family Returns to Christ

When Gospel for Asia women missionaries Himani and Vipra visited the home of Jasveer and Nayana to share about Jesus with them, the young family’s troubles soon came to the surface. Nayana opened up to the missionaries about the physical and emotional pain she had been suffering as a result of her husband’s drunken outbursts. However, Himani and Vipra learned […] Read more »

Radio Program Brings Hope to Bedridden Man

Although he had grown up regularly attending church with his parents, Kairav had never put his faith in God. Now 70 years old, it didn’t seem like that would ever change. Kairav’s lack of faith was challenged, though, when his health began to fail. His ability to walk decreased with each passing day, and eventually he was not able to […] Read more »

Man Plots to Kill Local Pastor

Deeply committed to his religion, Jayesh went to the local temple every morning to worship his gods and godesses. One day, he met Gospel for Asia pastor Nabhith as they were walking past one another through the village. It didn’t take long for Pastor Nabhith to share his love for Jesus with Jayesh. As he listened to Pastor Nabhith talk […] Read more »

Curse Torments Family for 52 Years

Parnal’s family had been under a curse for twice as long as she had been alive. Roughly half a century earlier, someone had cast a spell on the 23-year-old’s relatives, and every year since then, a member of Parnal’s extended family died. Parnal and her family were devoted to their religion and consulted many witchdoctors and spiritual leaders for guidance. […] Read more »

Five Days Change Family Forever

The sound of children singing made Gandhali and her little brother Baneet long to be a part of whatever was going on at the church. As the young children listened, they could hear the teachers share stories from the Bible. Although Gandhali and Baneet lived very close to the Gospel for Asia church, their parents had not shared such songs […] Read more »

Family Ravaged by Drugs, Alcohol and Demons

Day after day, Aniij came home from work completely drunk and he beat his wife and two young children. Jeevitha and Kamboj, 11 and 12 years old, had not always suffered under the drunken, angry hand of their father. Their home had been safe and happy before Aniij had become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Jeevitha and Kamboj were cared […] Read more »