Just As the Children Come

“My son, live among the people and share the Good News with them.” Gospel for Asia pastor Sartaj heard the Lord speak those words to him very clearly. Many times when Pastor Sartaj returned home from ministry, he saw the literature he had given out crumpled on the ground, and his heart broke for the people who hadn’t opened their […] Read more »

After Ekagrah and his family became sick one by one, it became apparent the family was under spiritual oppression—and Ekagrah couldn’t find out why.

When You Don’t Sacrifice to the Gods on Time

Ekagrah, his wife and their four children live in a small, remote village.  They sacrificed a goat to their god every six months to receive blessings. Then Ekagrah’s father fell sick and died. Why hadn’t the gods blessed the family and kept Ekagrah’s father alive? Other villagers said Ekagrah’s father had died because the family had failed to sacrifice their […] Read more »

man encouraged to pray

Wayward Man Returns to Faith

Mandin and his family worshiped the village gods—at least, that is what they had resorted to. When several believers visited his home one day, they asked him about his knowledge of Jesus. His demeanor suddenly changed, and a shadow of defeat crossed his face. “Four years ago, I was a Christian,” Mandin said, “but because of opposition from our villagers, […] Read more »

Drinking Salty Water

Ghalib poured salty water from the container in his home. This was normal for his entire village. They all struggled with drinking the water because of the high level of salt within it. Many of the villagers suffered from kidney stones, and the children often became ill. Gospel for Asia pastor Aslesh recognized the villagers’ difficulties and requested BioSand water […] Read more »

Counting Her Days

Kalpana just could not understand why her skin felt as though it were burning. It was unbearable. The only time relief came was when she was sitting in a water tank, yet she often suffered from a cold because of being in the water so often. Kalpana’s husband and children witnessed her suffering. They could remember enjoying an easy life […] Read more »