How a Young Woman Unlocked the Greatest Treasure

Below is the story of how a GFA-supported literacy class impacted the life of Soorat, 22. I have a father, mother, one sister and two younger brothers. My father is a laborer, and my mother is a housewife. Due to financial difficulty, I was not able to go to school. I was involved in household chores. My father was a […] Read more »

Rescued From His Family

Rescued from His Family

Tansu lay dying. All hope of rescue was gone, and his heart welled up with discouragement. Sorrow engulfed him as he thought about the cause of his fate. His own family sought to destroy him, and if they had turned the goddess of his childhood against him, then who would save him now? Day by day his life slipped away. […] Read more »

Woman with bucket at Jesus Well

A Load Off Their Backs

A team of contractors hired by Gospel for Asia drilled a Jesus Well in a parched village of Nepal in August 2013, alleviating chronic thirst, diseases and backaches. The new Jesus Well, drilled at the request of local GFA pastor Deepankar, provides clean water for villagers to use. It is available for everyone, regardless of age, caste or religious preferences, […] Read more »

The pastor who loved singing won the hearts of many

The Singing Pastor

Ahead, around, and now behind him, there were shouts and whispers as people called to one another, proclaiming his arrival. Soon a small crowd formed, closing in on every side, reaching out, reaching up. Joy spilled from the Gospel for Asia pastor as he reached down to touch a little boy on the head. Pastor Navashen was surrounded by children. […] Read more »