After receiving prayer in the name of Jesus, many people in Asia are finding freedom.

Drawn to the Shouts Next Door

Kamala had prayed to numerous gods and goddesses since she was a young girl. As an adult, she followed these deities with great devotion, spending much of her time worshiping at various holy sites. During a religious festival one day, after Kamala had finished her rituals, she suddenly fell to the ground in a heap. Her husband, Yamha, scooped her […] Read more »

Bible-college students helped organize a blood drive in Nepal.

Students Help Organize Blood Drive in Earthquake-Devastated Nepal

Over the past three months, Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services teams have distributed rice, lentils, salt, solar-powered lanterns, tarps and many other needed items to earthquake victims in Nepal, but there’s one thing they hadn’t given: their own blood. That changed on July 13, when students and staff of a Bible college in Nepal joined with a local chapter of […] Read more »

What Treatments Couldn’t Do

Sahaj couldn’t walk properly. Her joints were giving her trouble, and she was in constant pain. She held out for hope of relief, so she traveled a few villages away, to her mother’s home, to receive treatment. But the treatments proved to be of no help; in fact, she became worse. Genuine Care and Healing Sahaj’s mother, Banht, was a […] Read more »

God uses Gospel literature to touch hearts.

Wonder-working Power in the Blood

Throughout the day, 43 people passed through the cluster of clinic chairs sitting in a park to donate blood. Among them was Bhe, a man in his 30s donning worn-out clothes, unpolished shoes and ragged hair. Nearby churches led by GFA-supported pastors had partnered with the local Red Cross Society to host the blood drive. When someone asked Bhe what […] Read more »

The Lord Had Different Plans

One question kept playing over in Lalli’s mind: How would she provide for her family now that her husband was dead? When he was living, the little money he didn’t spend on alcohol helped them stay alive, but now, how would Lalli, as a housewife, fill her children’s hungry stomachs? Lalli fell into an emotional puddle as she tried to […] Read more »

About 500 earthquake victims in a hard-hit district received relief from a Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services team.

Hope Shines in Nepal As Teams Bring Relief to Earthquake Victims

After a 7.8-magnitude earthquake on April 25 and a 7.3-magnitude earthquake on May 12, the people of Nepal are grieving the loss of more than 8,000 people, and hundreds of thousands are displaced. Motivated by Christ’s love, Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services teams continue to bring relief to devastated, hard-to-reach areas. Read more about the work they are doing.   […] Read more »