Mans mental illness healed through prayer to Jesus

Compassion Meets a Troubled Mind

Adway, a husband and father of three, was burdened with a disease of the mind, which resulted in his agony, suffering and uncontrollable physical outbursts. When the disease first took hold of Adway, he sought medical help and eventually recovered after various treatments. But within five years, the disease and all of its symptoms returned to wreak havoc on Adway […] Read more »

Alcoholic man learns about Jesus

‘What Difference Will Jesus Make?’

“My father is an alcoholic. Whenever he drinks alcohol, he becomes an angry and hateful person. He beats my mother almost every day. My family is going through a terrible time. He never loves or cares about us.” This was the hopeless situation of a 10-year-old girl named Lalasa. She lived with her parents and four siblings in heartache and […] Read more »

Priest watches film about Jesus

The Compassion of God, a Priest Transformed

Palash was a very spiritual man. In fact, he was a priest and a spiritual leader in his community. He revered the holy book of his traditional religion and would meditate on it daily. Palash’s life looked good and full from the outside. He was married, had two children and stayed busy with all his priestly duties. But he realized […] Read more »

Mosquito net and blanket help poor widow

Now She’s Double-Covered

Poverty and other hopeless situations are painfully common in many villages all over Asia. These pains were all too real for Saachi and her family. Although her husband held down a job serving tea at a local shop, his earnings were little and provided just enough for the two of them and their 9-year-old son to survive. Life was difficult […] Read more »

sweater and winter clothing for missionaries

Praying for a Warm Sweater

When we think of tools for telling people about God’s gift of His Son, sweaters, jackets and scarves are not normally the first items that come to mind. But those who serve in frigid mountain regions or chilly plains know firsthand how valuable and necessary winter clothing is for their ministry. When one area of Asia experienced an unusually cold […] Read more »

Christian radio program in Asia

Radio Vs. Black Magic

“Lord Jesus, if You are the real God, please save our lives.” With a broken heart, a sickly body and attentive ears, Kallol formed these desperate words into a prayer. He was hungry to know this miraculous God he was hearing about through the radio broadcast. Near Death Peace was nowhere to be found within Kallol or his parents. An […] Read more »

Bridge of Hope children on Global Handwashing Day

Soap and Good Health Go Hand in Hand

Dozens of boys and girls huddled in a group and looked at the water that collected as they rinsed the soap off their little hands. It was filthy! Their attention fully engaged, they watched medical doctors and GFA-supported Bridge of Hope staff demonstrate a life-saving skill: how to wash their hands. It was October 15, Global Handwashing Day. Their Bridge […] Read more »