Falling in Love and Gaining Christ

Tuhinsurra listened intently to the woman he loved. Her words soothed his peace-lacking heart and gave him much to think about. He learned Jesus died for him, even though he was living in sin. These beautiful, hope-filled words touched Tuhinsurra deeply as he looked into her dark eyes. Tuhinsurra was brought up in a very religious family. He attended the […] Read more »

A Longsuffering Friendship

Prayers saturated the hospital room. Fear fled at the sound of Latha’s voice, filled with strength and confident faith. Latha encouraged the young couple as she reminded them again to trust in God. Aarushi continued in labor; Latha’s words, words she once avoided and dreaded, seemed now to comfort her heart. Somehow, Latha’s prayers and steadfast faith gave Aarushi strength. […] Read more »

Sanitation, Safety and the Savior

  As the cement walls of the small frame came up, excitement swirled among the neighbors. With enthusiasm and joy, Mae told those who gathered about their new toilet. Seeing the Need and Meeting it GFA-supported pastor Vikranta was Mae’s pastor. He had the joy of nurturing and watching her and her husband, Reuel, grow in the Lord and learn […] Read more »

Hated by Society, Loved by God

Society hated Miny. No one, not even her relatives, dared touch her. People saw her as cursed, sinful and unclean. She lived alone in a small house, shunned and despised. It wasn’t Miny’s fault, but for 17 years she suffered because of a disease her body held. The disease stole away more than her nerves and dignity—it stole away her […] Read more »

A Father’s Heart Trapped in a Bottle

Giri’s life was a picture of demolition. Day after day, from sun up to sun down, his life centered around buying and consuming alcohol. Giri’s cravings bound his working hands, causing him to neglect all of his responsibilities in the attempt to satisfy his addiction. His family’s basic needs like food, clothing and even schooling for his young sons, were […] Read more »